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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Nanepashemet Nod for Senate

It's time to announce the all-important Nanepashemet Blog Massachusetts Senate Race endorsement.
Since this will undoubtably decide the outcome of the race, I've had to deliberate long and hard.   But with both Scott Brown and Martha Coakley pestering me daily and constantly, I have to put an end to the angst and speculation.
I've noticed that the Kennedy clan have thrown their support to Coakley, despite her grabbing at the nomination before Ted's corpse was cold.   Even while holding their noses, the Kennedy's can't imagine that a Republican would occupy their family heirloom (ie Ted's Senate Seat).
In the end, our endorsement was fairly easy to make.... Scott drives a truck, might even be a Ford F150, and Martha dissed one of my favorite  Peeps in the recent past by saying that she didn't need her help with her campaign.  Plus Martha's lips look funny when she is talking like she has a mouth full of marbles.
So it's clear that Scott Brown gets the Nanepashemet Nod.
As our President has said repeatedly, "It's time for a change."
Don't worry Scott.  This endorsement comes with no strings attached.  Athrough if you could throw one of those  no-bid fat government contracts to Nanepashemet Telecom, it would be kindly appreciated.

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