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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chicken Little

Remember two years ago???  We were supposed to all die of Bird Flu.
Then this year... we shifted to the Swine Flu which was supposed to be a global pandemic which would wipe a lot us out.  Obama was teaching us to sneeze into our sleeves.
All the while, global warming was supposed to be killing us as soon as the polar bears were done in.  Al Gore won an Academy Award because of it.  The problem here is that it is freaking cold out there, and the European Global Summit in Copenhagen was snowed out.   Florida fruit growers are going to be hit hard with frozen fruit due to the plunging temps.
Not to mention the myth that the American Health care system doesn't work, and that the Democrats will "fix" it.
Do you ever get the idea that the leftys are trying to scare the shit out of us?  Kind of like, create a problem then offer themselves as the solution.
How many times do they expect us to swallow this Chicken Little, the Sky is Falling, Bullshit???
Let's send them a message from Massachusetts next Tuesday.  They have the audacity to think that the US Senate seat that has been occupied by Ted Kennedy is their heirloom.  Let's vote for Scott Brown and shock the shit out of these phonies.

Lauren Rathbone, former POTY said...
I am so glad that this blog supports Scott Brown. I cannot stand Martha Coakley!!!

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  1. Anonymous7:52 PM

    I am so glad that this blog supports Scott Brown. I cannot stand Martha Coakley!!! Lauren Rathbone


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