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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Chick Flick Pain

It's Saturday during a three day weekend.   That's probably my favorite day plus I have no crisis to attend to, or immediate obligation.
So I think I'll sit on this couch for awhile and watch Saturday morning cable fishing shows.   And when they are over, I'll probably sit and watch something else.
Unless Joanne starts to watch Chick Flick shows on the Women's Channel.
Then I'll do something better, like twist a high speed drill bit into my forehead.
That would actually be less painful than another day of Chick Flicks.
Don't get me wrong.   I have my feminine side.... but I think that my feminine side is kind of a slut.
It would be great if they showed porn once in awhile on the Women's Channel.

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  1. Hey girl friend! Whatcha watchin' today?


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