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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Case for Brown

The machine that changed the rules to put Paul Kirk into the US Senate seat has a lot of work to do this weekend.  We've got Clinton and Obama taking time out of the Haitian disaster to tend to this other earthquake.... the unimaginable thought that the Massachusetts electorate might give the senate seat held by Ted Kennedy for the last forty years to a Republican.
Rest assured, after they make the plea for Martha and she loses, it won't be any reflection on them.  They will blame the loss on Coakley's weaknesses as a candidate, and not the misgivings of the Obama startup, or the manipulation of the Senate seat by Duval Patrick..
Man.... I'm sure they didn't see this coming.   But they should have.  The people of Massachusetts have always found a balance over their party affiliation.   Guys like Ed Brooke, Ed King, Mitt Romney, Bill Weld,  Paul Celluci have broken the mold with messages that resonated with the Massachusetts voters.
And that is is case with Scott Brown
  • He wants a well thought out health care approach - and not a power play jammed down our throats.
  • He wants terrorists tried in a military tribunal, not with all of the privileges of the US citizens that they are resolved to annihilate.
  • He is a free enterprise advocate who believes that lower taxes can encourage economic growth. 
  • He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army National Guard, who has won the respect and endorsement of Police Unions across the state.
  • He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and his family seems to be a solid hard working unit.
Those are the things that stick out with me.   And I resent ads that say that somehow he is bad because he is a Republican.   Obama didn't win in a landslide.  There are all kinds of legitimate viewpoints in this country, and to demonize one viewpoint is ultimately a losing strategy.

Pisc said...
Wicked well put.
Pat, when you look at the list of Republicans that Mass Voters have sent to statewide seats, it seems like really bad advice to run ads denigrating Scott as a "Republican".   You have to wonder who is pulling the strings for the Coakley strategy.  

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