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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Business Cycle

We have a business cycle as a small consulting/contracting company that I really didn't anticipate when we founded Nanepashemet Telecom a few years ago.  Here is the way that the cycle works.
  • Nanepashemet fights its way into a customer project contract using prior contacts.
  • Various lower tier customer staff have loyalties to a host of other competitors, and throw all kinds of roadblocks.
  • Nanepashemet dodges all obstacles and provides superior service regardless of the pitfalls.
  • Senior staff of the customer start saying nice things about Nanepashemet because of positive metrics and results.
  • Rank and File customer staff start to kiss our ass, and claim that they were in our corner all along.
  • Recurring work comes our way from lower tier staff who want to impress senior staff that they are tight with Nanepashemet.
The cycle takes from six months to a year.... generally the time for our projects to meet their milestones.  We achieve out success by staying true to the big picture, while constantly pushing past the nonsense and nitpicking.
Not sure if this is a model that the Harvard Business School can use in its case studies.    But that's the way it seems to work for Nanepashemet Telecom.
And we understand what we sell.... not telecom services.... but career advancement of the rank and file.  We provide the opportunity for customer staff to attach their corporate career success to the project metrics that Nanepashemet can achieve for them when they identify with our output.

Pisc said...
Don't forget golf shirts and coffee mugs

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  1. Don't forget golf shirts and coffee mugs


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