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Friday, June 08, 2012

Yin Yang

After a series of highly successful meetings in New Haven, where Frantz saw the power of a Mountain of a Man in full Nanepashemet Telecom mode, I started the drive to deadhead home at about 4:30PM.
Walked into the Sundance house at 11:00PM.
Hartford traffic at a standstill, accidents and backups on the Mass Pike, a stop off for a beer at Ted's in Westboro with my partner, Mike Elsier, and finally the General Edwards Bridge being shut down forcing a detour back through Revere, down the Marsh Road and through downtown Lynn.
At least the Celtics- Heat game was on, although the Celts were clobbered by LeBron James and will be going to Miami for a seventh game.  That was depressing radio.
It was like the yin and the yang, all in one day.
Tremendous business success, then the commute from Hell.
I guess if you are going to go through these extremes, I'm happy to have the business success.... so it's all good.

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