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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Homes for Peeps Program

LOL - Search by the date.  Thanks.

The response to the Beverly Ave. Nanepashemet House for rent post was so strong that it rented almost immediately.  A tip of the hat to Mooseknuckler Brian Donovan for referring the new lucky tenants.
 I was surprised at the amount of prospective qualified tenants and felt a little bad that I couldn't help many more of them out.  Obviously, there is a trend in the local Marblehead Market for people who wish to rent rather than own.   Because of this, we have decided to open a new program at Nanepashemet Real Estate to purchase single family homes for rent, and have slated about four acquisitions for the next year.
We have kept all of the applications that we received on file and will contact you as we have additional units for rent.  We are also opening opportunities for investment in this program to those would like to participate in this strong upscale rental market, but don't wish to deal with the issues of property management.
Not all of the homes will have the historic significance of being the birthplace of this pathetic Blog, but we'll do our best to find places worthy of Nanepashemet Peeps.
If you know of any homes that may be ready to come on the market, we would greatly appreciate the tip.  You may even end up as a Peep of the Week!

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