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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cherokee Cheer Up for Warren

These nice Cherokee women flew in from Oklahoma to talk to US Senate Candidate, Elizabeth Warren yesterday.
Liz had said previously that she checked the Affirmative Action box listing herself as a Cherokee in the hope of having a luncheon with people like herself.
Way to go Liz.  Obviously you got your wish.  
Plus these ladies claim that they are Obama voting Democrats.   So you should feel right in your element.

Don't worry that these Native Americans seem pissed that you won't back off of your bogus claim to Cherokee Blood.  That by claiming to be one of them fraudulently is like someone lying that they have a Harvard degree without attending and putting in the time and effort.
Just explain to them that Governor Patrick says that people in Massachusetts don't care about that.  Then serve up one of your authentic Pow Wow recipes that were passed down to you by your 1/32 ancestors.
That should cheer them up.

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