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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Missing Mojo

Peeps... Sometimes I feel like I've fallen off my game.... that I've lost my Mountain of a Man Mojo.... that my fast ball has no movement.
It's a lousy feeling.
For instance, Al Gore left his soulmate, Tipper, just before the bombshell hit about his  attempt to get his "2nd Shakra" released by a $500 masseuse.    ..... And I stood by and said nothing.
Or Lindsay Lohan is going to the Big House after attending a Court Hearing with "F**k U" printed on her fingernail.   .... No comment from me.
Or the POTUS decides to sue the State of Arizona because the state wants to enforce immigration laws that are ignored by federal agencies that are supposed to work on behalf of the states.  ..... And I just let it slide.
Or a Downy Woodpecker was seen a couple to times on the Feeder this weekend.  .... And I never even boasted a little with a Blog post.
This can't be good.
We all have our ups and downs.  I suppose  that  even a Mountain of a Man has to spend a little bit of time in the valleys.  So maybe I should be patient.... but when I come back, it will be with all cylinders firing.
Only now... it just seems like a couple of cylinders are missing a spark.

Pisc said...
2nd Shakra, I am gonna have to use that. Thanks.

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  1. 2nd Shakra, I am gonna have to use that. Thanks.


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