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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dark and Stormy Evening

It's saturday evening and we had a real fun day with the grandkids in the Wall's pool.  I was teaching Will the Butterfly stroke, because if he only knows freestyle and backstroke, he'll be falling behind the other 3 year olds.
After a full day of watching Joanne chase toddlers and change diapers, you can really work up a thirst. 
So it's obviously time for a Dark and Stormy, the classic summer cocktail, and a Nanepashemet Official Endorsement.
Even though I am out of the preferred Ginger Beer, Stephans, I have plenty of the Gosling's Ginger beer which is an acceptable substitute.  The one thing that can't be substituted is Gosling's Black Seal Rum which is surprizingly affordable.  And you really shouldn't forget to add a fresh lime wedge.
I'm particularly blessed tonight, because I have ample supplies of all of the required ingredients on hand.
And there is no chance that I can drink to excess, because I'll be nodding off by about 8:00PM anyway... so there is just enough time for one or three.

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