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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Nanepashemet Peep of the Year - 2007

Happy New Year. I have to get out and fix the tarp on the tender this morning before it snows, but before I do that, it's time to select the Nanepashemet Peep of the Year.
As you may know, last year's POTY, Tom McMahon, caused a rash of controversy. There was a lot of "Oh Yeah!" combined with quite a bit of "WTF!!!"
Well Tommy proved to be a very worthy election, what with the photos of him chasing drunken idiots in Fenway Park during Red Sox games and all. And his sojourns down to our house with various youthful girlfriends and six packs of twisted tea solidified his status. It was an excellent year for Tom, as befits his reign as the prestigious/disgraceful Peep of the Year.
This year, there was a great candidate pool to choose from. Huge amounts of stupidity, annoyance and inspiration.
You should know the selection criteria by now. It's the same standards used to choose the POTW.
The winner/loser must have done something stupid, annoying or inspirational, and must not be an animal or dead. I kind of hoped that the automatic Lagavulin rule would kick in this year, with the successful candidate showing up at my house with a case of the King of Single Malt Scotch, but once again I am bitterly disappointed.
This year's recipient fit the criteria well and had a huge year.
Nanepashemet Peep of the Year 2007

Michael "Murph" Murphy

Now don't start in with the obnoxious "Why.... Why.... WHY!!!" whine. You know that I can't disclose the specific reasons. Just suck it up and send your congratulations/condolences to Murph as he begins his momentous reign as the POTY for the coming year.

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  1. I have so may people to Thank....I would like to start with Nance Nog. I could not have gotten this far without the Nog. Not only has it helped me see women in a different light, it is very refreshing. Thank you Nancy. I would also like to thank Jay for this award. It was only a matter of time before I was recognized accordingly. You like me, the peeps really, really like me. As a regular Blogger I know I beat out a lot of qualified candidates. I know Tuna Lips must be very dissapointed. There is always next year Tuna Lips. I look forward to proudly wearing this crown for the next 365 days. And remember: IF it isn't fresh, it isn't Legal. -ANGRY


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