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Monday, December 31, 2007

Year In Review

I'd have to conclude that this year was high on the interesting scale.
Lots of highs and lows. Ups and Downs. Ebbs and Flows.
Financially and career wise, I dumped all of my money into Sundance Pre-School and Nanepashemet Telecom. We'll see the prospects of that move in the next six months.
Physically, I'm pretty much in the same place I was last January. Not bad since I'm a year older. I had planned on losing a lot of weight and getting into running shape, but my left leg got really screwed up and painful during the push in October, and I can hardly walk some days.
Emotionally... well, that is my freaking business. I'm really pleased with some stuff, and outright stressed about others. But that doesn't make me a bad person. So keep out of it.
I did notice that my resolutions from last year kind of fell flat. I wanted to get a workout burn going every day, clean up the daily clutter and pay attention to the details. That effort was an off and on process.
It's worth reaffirming this year, but this year is a do or die for both businesses. My real resolve is to maintain a non-judgemental stability. Don't judge everything as right or wrong, good or bad, successful or disastrous. Just play the cards as they are dealt and stay away from doom and gloom or endzone celebrations.
There is absolutely no chance that I can pull this off.

Tuna Lips said...

There is more than meets the eye with you sir. You are a complex man. Remindin me of my pappy. One moment all torn up over havin' to put down his beloved mule Sal soes we could eats, the next dancin around the campfire with a jug on his thumb and a grin on his face, wavin' the money momma brung home from her singin' lessens. Life is like that. We are a mere reflection of these sorts of goings on, likes you sees when you are bent over, wretching into the pond after eatin' some mule meat that had turned.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Cranston Experience

So I walk in the door this afternoon, and Mike asks "How was Cranston?".
How the hell did he think it was?
Did he think that I traveled to Rhode Island at dawn to see the famous freaking sights of Cranston????
The kid is a management consultant at a prestigious Washington DC firm, but sometimes I don't think his noggin is on straight.
What with the crazy questions and all.
The truth is that Cranston seems to be very ethnically diverse. The Dunkin Donuts where we had coffee was filled with about a dozen very vocal Asians, all speaking a dialect of Chinese at the same time. Then we grabbed a sandwich at lunch at a Lebanese delicatessen. There were a lot of elderly caucasians lingering around a veterans post that abutted our job site.
That's how Cranston was. Maybe not such a dumb question after all.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Two minutes from a perfect regular season of Patriots football. First the Red Sox, now this. I wish my Father was alive to see it.

Half Time Histrionics

Patriots are trailing the Giants at half time in the quest to go undefeated in the regular season.
I really can't afford to stay up and watch the rest of this game, because of the need to get down to Rhode Island first thing in the morning. But I guess I have no choice. Eli Manning is really on for the Giants.
I'm keeping the faith.

Attracting the Angels

Cranston went well. Not anything like I expected with lots of ups and downs. But it ended in an up.
As long as you stay in motion.... as long as you try stuff.... you stand the chance that things can go your way. When you keep your head under the covers and presuppose that all is doom and gloom, you've cemented your fate.
Angels don't land on our shoulders when we are sheltered and cowering in fear. They catch up with with us when we are trying to move forward. Keep trying stuff, even when all of the answers aren't clear. The answers get filled in along the way.
Not sure what a photo of a Hammerhead Shark has to do with this, but it's a cool photo, don't you think?
Back to Cranston in the morning.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Judge Ye Not

OK... I admit it. While all of the Christian world was in ecstasy over the birth of Christ, we at Nanepashemet Telecom have been busting our ass trying to get sites built on a deadline to nowhere. Not sure what it is all worth, but at least we have been doing our duty.
The thing about job stress is that regardless of what others think, you finally have to meet the ultimate judge as you brush your teeth in front of the bathroom mirror. If he or she is satisfied with your performance, you have done your job, despite the outcome.
See you in Cranston tomorrow morning.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Peep of the Week - Week 52

  • Last Week of the Year
This is the last Thursday of the year. I can't believe that I've risen to the occasion - each and every week - summoning the strength and mustering the courage to make the all-important weekly POTW selections.
To those of you who look to this as the highlight of your week, I definitely suggest that you look into some type of hobby or interest that will help you to advance your life to a more meaningful type of existence. I hope I said this gently enough.
If you've been named a Peep of the Week this year, be not proud... nor should you be ashamed. General malaise and confusion is probably the most appropriate emotion for the weekly honor/disgrace. Most fortunate among you are those Peeps who were selected but don't realize it. Ignorance is truly bliss in this situation.
The Peep of the Year will be chosen on January 1. I'm pretty sure who it will be, but I'm keeping the options open just in case a Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch delivery truck shows up at my front door between now and then.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 52nd Week of 2007

  • Kyle Raiche
  • Ben Martin
  • Emily Ingardia
  • Mark Vona
  • Tom McMahon
  • Steve Lewis
The countdown is on for the New Year.... and the life changing POTY selection. Keep the nominations coming in, although I probably won't be paying much attention to them.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Feeder Action

First time visitors to the feeder over the Christmas holiday were a small flock of Dark-Eyed Juncos. Very nice looking birds with their dark feathers and white undersides.
Also Chickadees, Tufted Titmice, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Sparrows and the Squirrel.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Wish You a Merry Christmas

It's probably time to wish you all a Merry Christmas.
I'm going to try and nod off for an hour or so, then put a half hour on the Cybex cycle, get a shower in and head over to Ryan and Courtney's house for Christmas Eve Dinner. So now is the time.
Merry Christmas Peeps. Best wishes to ...
  • Lec and Tom at NPMI.
  • the GD people, even the reality challenged obstructionists among them.
  • the Rockett Management and Hotel People.
  • my new friends at Sprint, MetroPCS, Qualcomm, Lucent, Maxton, EnerNOC, Grain
  • all of you crazy subK tower climbers.
  • Tuna Lips
  • Katelyn's Crew and Jack Dog
  • Mike's friends, including reigning POTY McMahon
  • the Gerry 5
  • Ryan's old and new friends and family
  • Boyz and Girlz in the Hood
  • that crazy, wacky Boston Yacht Club
  • Roenick and Isabelle
  • the workers at the Lagavulin Distillery
  • my old College buds
  • that lady in Chez Henri that Mike Rockett tooled on
  • the POTW's who annoyed and, yes, more frequently inspired me.
  • my Florida family and the New England one's too.
  • all of my self righteous architect and engineer subK's
  • the birds at the feeder - even the insidious squirrel
  • my Darwin group who strayed away from the evolution
  • our material suppliers and their sense of humor
  • the happy fish swimming today who will be giving it up next summer
  • the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox (even the Celts!)
  • James Taylor, Chuang Tzu and Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • those New York publishers that turn down my book (so far)
  • the writers and editors of WoodenBoat Magazine
  • all of the Peeps that I share this journey with
  • and you, that slightly misguided reader of this Blog post.
Merry Christmas to you all, even if you are Jewish or other non-believers. You may irritate and annoy me from time to time, but that is usually temporary.
I still wish you Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men, and you don't have to buy into Chistianity to accept that sentiment.

Patriots 15

So I started watching the Patriots game with Joanne and Katelyn at home.... then Mike and Nathaniel called and wanted me to meet them at Flynnie's. I was surprized that Flynnie's was so empty. A couple of cougars at the bar, along with Nathaniel, Mike and Jeff Flynn.
Jeff said that the Gerry, and HDTV has affected his business during Patriots games. People would rather stay home or go to their friend's house to watch the game. The restaurant business must be a continual horror show. Literally feast or famine with constantly changing conditions.
Ben Martin joined us at Flynnie's for one more and we moved the event to the Gerry 5 Fireman's Association.
Ever since Larry Hudak finished the renovation at the Gerry, it has drawn a new crowd mixing in with the old guard, although Kevin and Brian Rockett are starting to seem like the old guard.
Joining the Rockett brothers were Dave and Abby Bruett and their former nanny, Courtney Lynch, in from San Francisco. Courtney professed her allegiance to the Nanepashemet Blog, which is always the foundation for a potential POTW selection, because of its annoying/inspirational significance. She paid for a Gerry membership application for her father, Paul.... a very thoughtful gift for the popular Marblehead Attorney.
The Pats cruised past the Dolphins for their 15th regular season victory this year.
There was Good Will Toward Men at the Gerry, although women are still ineligible to join.

Piscabo said...

Merry Christmas to the old school peeps from back in the broadband revolution days, both on and off the treadmill. Spent a lot of good company time talking smack.

And a shout out to Father Christmas, Little Willie Hillegas, what up dog!?!

Official Steroid Denial

Like Roger Clemens, I have never taken steroids or human growth hormone.
My excess bulk can be traced to pizza, beer, cheeseburgers, and an overly sedentary lifestyle.
I vigorously deny steroid use.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Peep of the Year Buildup

The Peep of the Year nominations are really starting to mount up. Peeps, let's make a concerted effort to try to wait until Christmas is passed before getting all hyper and hysterical.
But if you are going to continue to pepper me with emails, you should at least remember the rules.

No Dead People and No Animals....
So the Peep of the Year has to be a living person who has done something exceedingly stupid, annoying or inspirational this year. And the automatic Lagavulin rule is not in effect for the annual disgrace/honor. Although a case of Lagavulin would be hard to overlook.

Random Connections

Let's See....
Patriots are playing the Dolphins at 4:15 PM. There will be a gathering at the Gerry.
It's a full moon tonight.
Scott McBurney and his new wife Caroline dropped by to take Mike out for a drink.
I'm baking a couple of Pizzas while waiting for Katelyn to come home.
Are these all random happenings???? Or are they all linked together by the Big Bang and super string theoretical physics???
Whatever the deal is, it's officially time for peace on earth, good will toward men. So let's get on with it.

Mapping It Out

This is my modest domestic project plan for 2008. Click on it if you want to see it better,. I did this graphic in Visio then saved it to JPEG. Visio is a neat program for brainstorming.
I frankly think that Nanepashemet Telecom will screw this plan up big time, and the little free periods that I have will be devoted to mindless vegging and healing.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Xmas Priorities

Are you ready for Christmas? I still have a lot of details to cover. But at least we have the presents for Katelyn. Everything else is secondary.

Road to Patriot Perfection

Sun 9/9/2007 @ Jets

38-14 W

Sun 9/16/2007 vs Chargers

38-14 W

Sun 9/23/2007 vs Bills

38-7 W

Mon 10/1/2007 @ Bengals

34-13 W

Sun 10/7/2007 vs Browns

34-17 W

Sun 10/14/2007 @ Cowboys

48-27 W

Sun 10/21/2007 @ Dolphins

49-28 W

Sun 10/28/2007 vs Redskins

52-7 W

Sun 11/4/2007 @ Colts

24-20 W

Sun 11/11/2007 vs Bye

Sun 11/18/2007 @ Bills

56-10 W

Sun 11/25/2007 vs Eagles

31-28 W

Mon 12/3/2007 @ Ravens

27-24 W

Sun 12/9/2007 vs Steelers

34-13 W

Sun 12/16/2007 vs Jets

20-10 W

Sun 12/23/2007 vs Dolphins

Sat 12/29/2007 @ Giants

Friday, December 21, 2007

Super Dave

Land of Oz

I'm not the Wizard of Oz...
I can't give you heart... I can't give you courage.... I can't give you a brain.
But at least I can piss you off.
That must count for something.

Anonymous said...

More like Dorothy if you ask me, you big girl.

4:18 PM

John Nestor said...

Hey Anon.
Your freaking Toto Turd.
You'll get Dorothy where the Sun don't shine.

5:04 PM

Anonymous Tuna Lips said...

And vice a versa with the pissin off, it seems. Shoot, you'r hackles is up, and here I thunked that the Christmas spirit was powerful in you. In all things, the chicken come home to roost. But fear not, for born unto you tomorrow night is a savior, who is Christ the Lord. Made a couple nickels off that line on local access cable back in Galveston. Love this country.

Emerson Rocks

In case you didn't already know it....
Ralph Waldo Emerson is THE MAN!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

POTW Week 51

The Fact that it is Thursday today almost seems supernatural. Lately the weeks have had only three days. Monday, Thursday and Sunday of course when the Patriots play. I wonder if global warming has anything to do with it?
"Time flies when you're having fun." The adage holds no weight here. It's no fun watching deadlines loom so much sooner. The problem with deadlines is that people get so wrapped around the axle trying to meet them that they basically don't give a crap what happens by the time that the deadline is passed.
If you make it, you hate the naysayers and ballbusters who tormented you along the way, and they don't give you any credit when you finally succeed because of the overall acrimonious nature of the process.
Are you depressed enough now???? It gets worse..... because now it's time to choose the Peeps of the Week.
Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 51st week of 2007.

  • Gail Johnson
  • Josh Dolben
  • Dave Bruett
  • The entire Membership Committee of the Boston Yacht Club
  • Bill Hillegas
  • John McCain
Now let's get back to the hand wringing.

Sorrowful Phrase

You want to know what I'm really sorry about???
I'm sorry that I ever heard the phrase "Mea Culpa".
Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maximus Culpa.
Kiss my royal Irish Ass.

The origin of the expression is from a traditional prayer in the Mass of the Roman Catholic Church known as Confiteor (Latin for "I confess"), in which the individual recognizes his or her flaws before God. The "mea culpa," as the Confiteor has come to be known popularly, is not simply a confession of sins, but rather an admission of one's flawed nature and the willingness to make amends for it.

The text in Latin is:

Confiteor Deo omnipotenti,
beatæ Mariæ semper Virgini,
beato Michæli Archangelo,
beato Ioanni Baptistæ,
sanctis Apostolis Petro et Paulo,
omnibus Sanctis, et vobis, fratres (et tibi pater),
quia peccavi
nimis cogitatione, verbo et opere:
mea culpa,
mea culpa,
mea maxima culpa
Ideo precor beatam Mariam
semper Virginem,
beatum Michælem Archangelum,
beatum Ioannem Baptistam,
sanctos Apostolos Petrum et Paulum,
omnes Sanctos, et vos, fratres (et te, pater),
orare pro me ad Dominum Deum nostrum.

This translates into English as:

I confess to Almighty God,
to blessed Mary ever Virgin,
to blessed Michael the Archangel,
to blessed John the Baptist,
to the holy Apostles Peter and Paul,
to all the Saints and to you, brothers (and to you Father),
that I have sinned exceedingly,
in thought, word and deed:
through my fault,
through my fault,
through my most grievous fault.
Therefore I beseech the blessed Mary,
ever Virgin,
blessed Michael the Archangel,
blessed John the Baptist,
the holy Apostles Peter and Paul,
all the Saints, and you, brothers (and you Father),
to pray to the Lord our God for me.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday Strain

Every year in the wireless telecom industry, the same thing happens.... a headlong rush to get things done by the end of the year. As I contemplate the last ten years doing this, the holidays are always extra stress. If it's not a major procurement, it is a production deadline that must be met.
This year is no different. Fending customer expectations and trying to get subs to take on challenging amounts of work.
The Stress and Strain Game. Pressure that a lesser man would surely find daunting. And yet I carry on. If I only was eligible for POTW, this type of inspiration would be a no-brainer.

Tuna Lips said...

Speaking of strain, I need to introduce some fiber to my diet. I popped a blood vessel "heavin' a havana" last night, plugged up the Route 135 rest stop outhouse but good.

Seems the local area boys choir gave a concert last night, al fresco, takin' to the woods about the rest area, singin' what musta been Christmas carols, what with all the howlin' and gleefulness. Gave me a special feelin'. And the local police provided the twinkle lights, with their strobes of blue and red flashin' and they search lights flashin' across the tree line. Real community spirit.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tuna Lips Reaction

Tuna Lips has a masterpiece a couple of posts down. Don't miss it.
I laughed, I cried, I almost attempted suicide.
That boy can write.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Patriots Again

Patriots just beat the Jet's to move to fourteen and oh.
I knew that they would have a winning season, but I didn't predict this.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

I was just watching Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops on TV, and I have to admit, it pretty much kicked in the Christmas spirit for me.
Looks like it's time to fire up and start spending on gifts.

Birdseed Godsend

I know that I haven't mentioned much about the birds at the feeder lately. That's because I've been plum out of birdseed.
But it's all changed now. After a trip to Costco, I've got about 30 lbs. of the wondrous stuff that birds and squirrels crave.
We'll be taking proper care of the little feathered critters for the foreseeable future.

Chistmas Gift Wish

So many of you have been sending me emails asking me what I want for Christmas. If you would only channel your energy to sending me a dollar a day cash for a year, I would be set for life, and able to build beautiful cedar-strip dories for the those who yearn to row.... but can't because of the critical lack of such small craft.
But no.... you'd rather send me these annoying emails all of the time. So you all can bear your share of the blame.... that those who need dories, don't have them.
Makes you feel kind of small, doesn't it????

Tuna Lips said...

I am with you, Christmas is a special time. Recently, or should I say annually, I get into it with the condo association (moved to a nice 50+ community a couple years back, where having a "Yankee Wife Swap" this Thursday at the socializin center)about my light display. Its the genuine article, I picked up the components on a business trip to Tijuana back in the 80s. That fact that the icicles resemble man gear irritates some of the non-joiners around the place. And those glass etchings, with the animals in the stable mounting one another on the cold December night so long ago, well, they tells it like it wuz. All these, and Elvis' "Blue Christmas" put me right in a festive spirit. None's is fer keepin' the holidays like ole TL. Sure, I wake in a puddle of my own sick now and again, but nothin' a good hosing down and some fire damaged candy canes caint fix. Time to go trim my nose hair. Merry Christmas, or should I say Feliz Navidad, what with the way things are and fear being such a silent motivator. Wow, that was deep fer even me. I could run for president, maybe cry on TV.

Stupid Choice

Those of you Peeps who have had the good fortune to actually work with me know that when the going gets tough, sooner or later I'll end up quoting Henry Ford.
"Whether you think you Can, or think you Can't... you're Right!"
Some people get inspired and motivated when I say this.... others are doubtful and intimidated... and the majority just get pissed off at me.
I don't care, because I really believe it. Plus I'm not afraid to fail. Babe Ruth was the Home Run King of Baseball for years, but did you know that he also has the record for strikeouts? You are known by your successes, not your failures.... and you can't succeed unless you try.
But I feel the need to modify Ford's credo. After all, he wasn't right about everything, being a racist and whatnot.
So for now on, I'm going to nudge others to success by the following.....
"If you think you CAN, at least you've given yourself a fighting chance. If you think you CAN'T, you are absolutely right."
This way, those of you who are so paranoid of failure have an out.

No matter which choice you make, the one thing that you can absolutely count on is that things change and anything can happen. So with that basic fact, to say you can't is pretty stupid.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Lug Sails

Nice looking lug sail rig for a Chamberlain Gunning Dory. I like this better than the mutton chop sail espoused by John Gardner.
But the sailing rig will definitely be a retro fit after we get this thing set up for rowing with two Piantedosi Rowing Rigs and a motor well for a Honda four stroke 8 hp outboard.

We've been taking quite a few orders for these lately.

Friday Reflections

Friday Night.
Another whole week under our belt.
What did you do this week???? Besides eat, breathe, sleep and shit???
Did you do one freaking thing to better the cause of humanity?
Or was it all about you? You and your pathetic, self-centered, whiny-ass needs.
Just kidding.
My week was pretty good. Definitely kicked it up a notch, and moved our big order forward. It's such a pain in the ass to have to push on work through the holidays, when everybody else is heading for shut down. Maybe if my trust funds kicked in, I wouldn't have to work so hard. Then again, I'm pretty sure that I don't have any trust funds.
So have a nice weekend. And think about somebody else besides yourself for a change.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Higher Purpose

Nobody has asked about the progress on the Chamberlain Marblehead Gunning Dory for quite some time now. Doesn't anybody care? After all, this Blog is technically supposed to be about boatbuilding.... yet scarcely a question about it.
You're starting to creep me out.
So anyway, the status of the Dory is that I haven't worked on it for over two months. I have plenty of excuses, but the bottom line is no Dory work. And I don't see any respite from the demands of Nanepashemet Telecom.
The good news is that if the Telecom business continues at its current trend, I can retire early and become the boatbuilder that you and our modern society deserves. How's that for a higher purpose?

Tuna Lips said...

I am amullin' over your 50% rule thing. My o my. Poor sufferin' soul.

As a most popular fella, I caint imagine the demons that torment you, what with not having everyone like you. In my case, my overarching magnaminousness is unequaled. It can be a burden, though. Everyone flocking to me, like the chilluns' to our Lord, looking for guidance.

"A friend who can not be bought or is not buying is no friend."

That's the kind of knowledge I drop. See, I am wise, like Solomon I is.

Peep of the Week - 50

Lately I've been putting up with a lot of cross talk regarding my Peep of the Week selections.
Peeps... Don't be asking me why you were chosen.
Figure it out for yourselves.
You had to do something stupid, annoying or inspirational.... or have given me the gift of Lagavulin over the previous week. Since most of you are too cheap to go the Lagavulin route, it should be obvious why you were chosen.

NANEPASHEMET Peeps of the Week for the 50th week of 2007
  • Parker Sides
  • Sandy Greenlaw
  • Rob Wise
  • Will Nestor
  • Nancy Bruett
  • Joe Collins
So just shut up about it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Welcome Back Imus

Imus is back.
You can't hold a good man down.
He's added a black guy and a woman to his entourage. That should help him to stay politically correct, which in a sense is too bad, because his courage in speaking his mind is his greatest asset.
But I'm happy to have him back. There was no one to fill the void.... to bring otherwise guarded politicians, businessmen, and
down to the lowest common denominator.
He now joins Martha Stewart in my eyes as a person strong enough to overcome a setback and return to public consciousness.
Now let's see if guys like Kerry have the balls to side up with him again.

50% Rule

So I was at a customer's office the other day, and someone said that they ran into a party that didn't like me.
When I found out the name of said party, I was relieved and somewhat amused.
Because said dipshit party is an asshole that I frankly can't stand.
Which brings me to the point of this post. If everyone thinks that you are a great person, then you have a problem. Because there are jerks and idiots in this world, and you don't want these morons to think you are cool.
I'm pretty happy if 50% of my acquaintances like me, and 50% are offended, or better yet, intimidated. Then I know that the good guys are my friends and the assholes are my enemies.
There is a certain harmony and balance in this.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Joshing and Bending

So I missed a post yesterday.
Deal with it!!
Didn't I tell you that I couldn't go to watch the Pats at the Gerry on Sunday because of the week ahead???
Did you think that I was just joshing you? Did you think I was bending the truth?
Peeps... I'm only human. Just not the Mountain of a Man that all of you seem to expect sometimes. I have my weaknesses too.... just like you. Well, maybe not as bad as yours, but still freaking significant.
I did finish that job on the mountain in Claremont, NH today. It was the first time that I had to use a snowmobile at work. Never thought I'd see that day. Tomorrow I'll be in Providence and other cool Rhode Island locations.

BTW. "Always" and "Never" are adverbs that "always" guarantees arguments, and "never" resolves issues.

Tuna Lips said...

A bit full of yourself, big boss man. Nary a word of guidance for this sheppard-less flock. My mammy said pride goeth before youse fall, most often when she stumbled to her knees, having dosed down all that cough syrup to clear up her cold. She got colds all year round. Poor of health, my ma. But strong of wits, as can be seen in her wise sayings and, frankly, her progedy. That being me, and Shoo Fly, but no so much Shoo Fly.

11:04 AM

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gerry Blow Off

I had planned to go up to the Gerry to watch the Pats, but thought the better of it. With cheap beers and lots of big spenders, the Gerry is impossible to leave without a decent buzz. Especially if the Patriots are playing.
And with the Nanepashemet Telecom week that I am anticipating, I can't risk waking up tomorrow with a heavy head.
So I'm sorry if I wrecked the Patriots-Steelers game for some of my favorite Peeps by not showing up. They'll get over it.
BTW, the Pats returned to their dominate style of play... which I had thought was gone after the last two games.

Piscabo said...

The blogging community laments your attention being diverted from idle chatter of birds and boats, but applauds your recent success and abiding resolve. Had to throw a fifty cent word in if I am going to post.

12:27 PM

Tuna Lips said...

Victory is mine! In case you wuz wonderin'. I remain superior to all y'all.

2:42 PM

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Gill Bash

Just came back from a very nice holiday party at Tyler and Liz Gill's house. Notables attending were Maggie Sides, her sister Sandy Greenlaw (not surprizing because she is also Liz's mother) and Greg and Nancy Bruett. Dave came also.
Little Maddie was in intensely cute form, and it was her Grandmother's birthday. Parker Sides and his new girlfriend were there. I forget her name, but I remember what she looked like. Very Attractive. Way to go Parky.
Many Harpoons were consumed in moderation.
Joanne couldn't go because she was babysitting Will, who was uncharacteristically fussy.
A very festive get together.

Successful Striving

That telecom deal that I was semi-telling you about kicked in last week. It's a bit different than what we were anticipating, but less may be more in the long run.
It means that the holiday season will be alot more stressful than usual, because I won't have too much idle time.
It's funny.... the let down that you get when you have achieved something that you have been striving for. When I was a business director at General Dynamics, the sales people always wanted to have a celebration when we won a big job. But the project managers were always soberly assessing the work effort ahead. I always tended to side with the PMs, even though the sales staff were legitimate in feeling good and resolved about the win. Their work was done.
I'm psyched though. This is the breakthrough that we have been looking for. We have a chance to go head to head with our competitors and show the customers how this business can be done.
The rubber is hitting the road. Should be a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Felice Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo

Friday, December 07, 2007

If you haven't already looked into it, you've got to get Skype.
It's a VoIP program that lets you place calls from your computer - free from skype to skype accounts and 2 cents per minutes otherwise.
I needed to do something because my cell phone minutes are getting chewed up early in the month, and the bills are atrocious.
Now the calls I make when I'm sitting in front of my computer (which in my dynamic, all-business lifestyle is a wicked lot) are not draining on my cell phone account. Plus you can set up an avatar or have video calls as well as instant messaging.
It should appeal to your inner geek.
BTW, my Skype account name is "nestor.npmi" for you peeps who are already cool enough to have your own account.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

POTW - Week 49

It's hard to believe that this year is coming to an end. Soon we'll be contemplating a momentous decision.... the Nanepashemet Peep of the Year. I see where Brett Favre, Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, made it as SI Sportsman of the Year, which has recently lost its lustre to the coveted Nanepashemet designation.
Sorry to tarnish your accomplishment, Brett. It still is pretty impressive.
But you have to admit, it isn't Peep of the Year.
One of you deviant/over-achievers, pervert/role-models will walk away with the ultimate distinction/humiliation in a few short weeks. Yes it could be you.... so get your affairs together before it is too late.
Look what happened to Tommy McMahon, the defending 2006 POTY. His life has been a living hell this year.

Nanepashemet Peep of the Week for Week 49 of the year 2007
  • Dr. Danny Levy
  • Dave Bruett
  • Mike McLellan
  • Sarah Maxfield
  • Lauren Rathbone
  • Patrick Piscatelli
I'm not sure that I'm man enough, or strong enough, or sober enough to ultimately handle this year end duty.

Tuna Lips said...

Belated birthday salutation, there, Big Cheese. I wish you a good year, may many a bird alight on yer feeder and leave they droppins' on the vehickles of your enemies.

Speakin' of enemies, lest you pinkos forget, some 66 years past since the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor was launched by those devilish Jap imps. Sunday morning, too, when proper sorts was attending services. The horror. Never forget, the peaceful Sunday silence broken by the bombs those rice-eating slopes dropped on us unsuspecting like. I weren't there, but I can tells you such a thing is just bad. Like finding a cockroach in yer gumbo or your date has a penis. But we press on, and heed the call to defend our way of life, of affordable footware made by children who need jobs and would be up watching TV all night anyhow, of news ladies with really great tits and the camera crews with sense enough to make that the lead story, of discount cigarettes and sloppy joes, gorcery shopping at the cumby's where you can top off yer tank, pitching shoes and peeing in public, the sweet symphony of domestic negotiations and snarling rottys in the trailer yard, wide open spaces to dump our Arby's wrappers and the like. The list goes on. I'll close here with this thought. I have seen this great land from sea to shining sea. You wear a clean shirt and drawers, you can git somewheres.

9:14 AM

Anonymous said...

I have "Peep of the year" on my resume. I'm pretty sure that's the only reason I got my job. I think they now regret their decision.


9:39 AM

Pleasant Birthday

Joanne and I both went to Dr. Levy's office for some dental work... she for a cleaning and me to have my bridge repaired. I told him about the crisis and the Ryan-Courtney party, and how close he was to a massive lawsuit.

Turns out that he doesn't scare easily, and the novocaine shots were a bit more painful than usual.
Then we went to Cafe Italia in Marblehead to celebrate my birthday. Italian food with a numb face. Not a pretty picture.
But I had a happy birthday anyway, because all of my kids contacted me as well as the Florida relatives. All without incident or provocations.

Warm Thoughts

What is it about the Winter that makes you think of the Summer???
We actually saw a Humpback breach like this a summer or two ago out on Stellwagen Bank.
And the Blues Brothers added another around that time.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Kung Fu movies are great entertainment. But if you took them literally, the Chinese would have all of the high jump records for the next millenium, the way they leap over buildings and stuff. They make an eight foot vertical leap look like a hurdle.
That reminds me.... I have a recurring dream that I can dunk a basketball.
Tomorrow I turn 55. My kids are all grown up. My friends are all looking older.
I have a grandson. What the hell is going on??? How the hell did this happen????

Workout at Work

I got my aerobic workout in a work today - hiking up a 2+ mile trail to the cell site in Claremont, NH through 8 " of snow. Unfortunately, I worked up a pretty good sweat and the temperature at the top of the hill had to be around 10 degrees. Made the work rather uncomfortable. especially since the engineers at the other end of the cell phone connection had no clue what was going on.
It has to be healthy working up a sweat doing work. Sadly, we of the 21st century, sitting in front of our computer screens, are losing this health benefit.

First Blast of Winter

Nice and Cold this morning. Winter has definitely kicked in for New England.
I'm headed to a hilltop cell site in Claremont, NH today. Our subcontractors said that we would need a snowmobile to get up there. Looks like I'll have to break out the ski cap and gloves. Should be a real test for winter clothing.
Actually, I love the cold weather in December.... but hate it in March.

Tuna Lips said...

I woked up to hoar frost on my window and my scrotum all retracted like the shell of a terrapin. Sure sign winter has come, my nut sac starts manifestin' that type of behavior.

I told the washer girl that lives in the double-wide two doors down to give my bed dressings a good boil and to light a candle in the room, clear out that livestock stench. Shucks, I get so busy I can't keep the place put together for proper company. Good thing I can see fit to outsource things outside of my core competencies.

Got me a date with the new gal down in receiving, Brenda Pudding, that's right, pudding, like the savory treat. She is on work release, and has a weakness for men with all their limbs and a full likker cabinet. Plans, big plans. I needs to get some salted nuts, pickled eggs, let's see, a tub of oleo, and some sterno burners, in case she wants to take it to the next level. Always prepared, don't need no merit badge when you are a bona fide winner such as myself.

10:14 AM

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Everning Notes.

Mike and Nathaniel succeeded in getting written up in the Salem Evening News as local Patriots fans at the away game. That was fun to read in the paper.
The end of year telecom push is in full swing. Lots things to rush through.

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11:11 PM

Tuna Lips said...

I sure hope that is a lady speaking all the francois. Everyone knows that the Frenchies have the best whores. Believe me, you can look it up.

1:35 PM

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Pepe Le Pew?

2:59 PM


Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Night Football

Patriots are playing in Baltimore tonight.
Mike and Nathaniel drove up from DC to watch the game, and were randomly interviewed by a reporter from the Salem Evening News as they threw a football among the tailgaters.
How random is that!!!!
It will be cool if their photos are in the local paper tomorrow.
Plus, it's time to resume the ass whuppin' on the NFL by our NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!

I'll check back with you after the game.
....... Baltimore outplayed them, but the Patriots squeaked by with the win. Certainly not predicted,, but they found a way. Mike said that he a Nate almost got into 15 fights as they blatantly cheered for the Patriots in the Ravens Stadium.
In the meantime, Ryan almost cleared out the Gerry with a massive fart. I was so proud.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Plain Gunning dory

This is a plain version of the dory that I'm building. Mine will have a motor well, and some deck modifications at the bow and stern for flyfishing.
Also, I will add sealed compartments with polyurethane foam for sink proofing.
And of course, there will be provisions made for two Piandetosi Sliding Seat Rowing rigs.
Not sure if I will modify for sailing with a centerboard. I probably will for future enjoyment by those who care about sailing. So far, that bug hasn't hit me.

Merit Badge

If I were a Boy Scout, this would be a nasty badge to sew on my shirtsleeve.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Flightless Birds

Birds of a feather flock together. Seems like I ran into an aquatic species that seek to imitate boat anchors. It was only a matter of time. Not sure that I want this species at the bird feeder.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

POTW - Week 48

I'll be truthful....... I've been so busy this week that I didn't even realize that it was Thursday. Business has hit a fever pitch. I wonder if the Dow hitting new heights has anything to do with it?
At any rate, I really haven't had an idle moment since Monday morning. That's a good thing as long as the activity is profitable... I mean, ditch diggers are busy too.
But I have to believe that the action will convert into dollars, otherwise I'll never get that big ass BMW that I've had my eyes on.
Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for week 48 of 2007.

  • Barry Lutchen
  • Lindsey Kepnes
  • Eric Rumpf
  • Tom McMahon
  • Linda O'Shea
  • Brian Butler

It looks like a busy day tomorrow too.
Tuna Lips said...

Idle hands is the Debbil's workshop, that is what my momma was good for sayin', particularly when she caught me interferin' with myself. I never got that. I would say, "but momma, my hands is busy", whereupon she would throw in my general direction the mason jar she was drinkin' corn spirits from to forget about her existence.

Anonymous said...

A+ on the Peep of the week selections. Anything that puts me and Lindsey Kepnes together is perfect by me.

J. you gotta check out Tony La Rusa's youtube video from his sobriety test. The whole thing is good but make sure you hear the part where he says the alphabet. It's something special.


10:04 AM


2:15 PM

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dory Stalking

The other day, when I was coming back from the post office, I got behind a truck that was towing a Chamberlain Gunning Dory into Old Town Marblehead. Stalker that I am, I followed the trailer until I got to a narrow one way street where the truck stopped.
Not being able to pass, I got out and asked the guy, who was directing the boat trailer into a driveway, if that was a Chamberlain dory and who built it.
He corrected me by saying that it was a Chamberlain Gunning Dory (like I didn't already know) and that it was built by Thad Danielson of Redd's Pond Boatworks.
It was planked with four chined planks, painted gray. The lines were straight out of John Gardner's depiction.
I'm pretty certain that the utilization of cedar strip planks, carefully matched for color and grain and clear varnished, with no hard chine delineation, will make my dory a unique interpretation of a beautiful design.

Tuna Lips Disclosure.

Why all the controversy around Tuna Lips???? Thousands of emails, all demanding to know his identity!!!
The Truth is that I'm sworn to secrecy. I simply can't disclose the person that is Tuna Lips. If you know me at all, you know that I can never betray a confidence.
Yes.... Tuna Lips is a real person, but here is where it gets complicated. Tuna Lips is a guy who is writing in the persona of another guy that we have labeled as Tuna Lips. Does that sound confusing??? It should because it makes my head hurt.
So, there is the real Tuna Lips, and a guy who writes as if he is Tuna Lips.
I'm starting to loathe myself.

Tuna Lips said...

Like Yahweh (that is the God of the Jew in the old testermint for you ignant types) I am who am. Slow to anger, but you git my hackles out I am gonna bring my wrath upon yerself like one of them fire-breathin' lizards that attacked those sneaky Japs in the movin picture shows. But fear not, I am a gentle type. I knows how to act in polite society. And see, the ladies, they like ole TL. All of 'ems wants to get rutting around with me, their eyes tear up when I breath across they necks, can not control their emotions. Several have lost bodily control, upchucking undigested vittles, so vaclempht they gets near me. In most cases, they could stand to lose a couple pounds, but really, it aint natural. Shoot, the courts have used their broad intercessory powers on occassion, aiming to settle the women folk down by asking me to just stay out of their general quadrant. Its a burden, but I carry on. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. I aint no commie, but there is a ring of truismness in that pertaining to my experience.

The Sizzler is havin' an All U can Eat buffet of USDA grade C beef(stored in only the best brine) and creamed corn. Gotta run.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Photogenic Roenick

Many times you Peeps have asked me, "What is your favorite photo of Roenick the Cat?"
It's a good question and naturally I've taken it very seriously.
As you know, Roenick is extremely photogenic. And he lives for the camera. So there is so much to consider.
This is a good one. Not sure if it is my favorite.

Going Native

So I suppose your wondering why I posted this painting of a Native American....
So am I.
American Indians have always held a fascination for me, particularly those of the New England area. I think this guy is from a tribe of the mid-west though.
What a different world it would have been if the Indians had an immunity to European microbes. Maybe the European technological edge would have been lessened if the Indians were more numerous.

The Indians adapted to technology very quickly. The Europeans introduced horses, and the Indians became arguably the greatest equestrians in history. Their dexterity with firearms was also quickly established.
But they had not adopted the wheel and were still hunter - gatherers when the Europeans arrived with their germs.

Tuna Lips said...

My pappy's pappy loved them red skins. In fact, thems was the ones, I think the Choctaw or some such tribe, gave him the name "Lips like Tuna Has". Having never seen a tuna in the Oklahoma badlands, the injuns must of had one of them visions. Not surprising them heathens was seein things, as we got our start in the hooch business selling "firewater" to them savages. I say that with all due respect.

11:51 AM

Monday, November 26, 2007

Getting It Done.

Today was one of those rare days when I accomplished everything that I set out to do.
I think it had to do with setting realistic goals and making lists. Also respecting deadlines. Everyday, I set out to get a workout in, but today I made it a point to stop everything at noon and workout for an hour.
Naturally I didn't get around to it until 1:00 PM, but I still got it in. Working out at lunchtime is probably the key. Nobody returns your calls then, and the exercise curbs your appetite. It would be nice to develop this habit.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lousy OddsMakers

Patriots won by three, 31 to 28. So much for the spread. Philadelphia definitely didn't pay attention. Patriots will take the win, but the Eagles brought them back down to Earth.

Calling Towne's Bluff

Remember Bob Towne? My old college roommate who had stayed buff and in shape after all these years?
He's the one on the far right, and I'm pretty sure that he doesn't think that I have the guts to post these photos of Joe Collins, me and him.
I don't exactly recall what the three of us are doing in that picture.
At any rate, Bob..... as you can see, I still don't embarrass easily.

Fa La La

Joanne did a real nice job getting the house ready for Christmas. She and Katelyn got the tree from the Marblehead Garden Center, and set it up.... all during the time that I was taking Mike and Kelly to Logan for the flight back to Washington, DC. Luckily I had no role at all, which is great, because picking out the tree is my least favorite holiday thing to do.
Now that my kids are grown, Christmas shouldn't be such an expensive ordeal, although I don't think that Katelyn agrees with me.

Tuna Lips said...

Keepin' the Christmas season simple and about me and the baby Jesus is what I am all about. I have never given a present that someone has not commented on how thoughtful I am. If I had a nickel fer everytime someone said, "its the thought that counts" after I give them a present . . . . . but I digress. I am expecting a fine array of present from my collegues and business relations this yuletide. From Marilyn, the copy center gal who I never fail to compliment (be it her figure, or her pouty lips) to Suzanne (the 50 something office manager whose "juicy" (I am being generous) bottom I smack ever now and then to make her feel good about herself), there should be a bevy of snack baskets, company clothing, and heart felt notes full of longing ("this should sweeten your breath", came with a pack a mints from one admirer) and Christmas cheer.

Crazy Point Spread

Point spread of the Patriots over the Eagles is 24 points.
That says that two teams of professional football players are going to take the field, and one team will win by 24 points. I know that you knew that, but it bears repeating because it is such a crazy notion.
It's been 27 years since an NFL game has been given such a spread.

Tender Fishfinder

I was thinking that a portable fishfinder, run by batteries would work well in the Tender. The transducer is temporarily adhered to the underside of the boat by a suction cup.
This Humminbird model is supposed to be accurate up to 600 ft. There are other makes and models available - some in color, with GPS functions, and pretty pricy.
This B&W model seems to have the basics, reasonable resolution, temperature and deth gauges I'm concerned about battery life. It you don't get more than 12 hours, it would be a pain.
There should be cod and flounder in Marblehead Harbor over the cold months, and this baby could help me catch them.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Affordable Gifts

I've been fashioning these pendants and have them for sale at $200 each. They are solid sterling silver with silver chains and are very similar to those sold by Tiffany at their Wall St. New York store.
I hope to sell 100 of these and raise $20,000 in order to afford suitable gifts for Katelyn during this joyous holiday time of giving..... and Katelyn Getting.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Slow Day

The Friday after Thanksgiving is always a slow, non-descript day. I did get some business done though. So maybe I'm ahead of the game.
I doubt it.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Peep of the Week - 47

I hope that all of you had a Happy Thanksgiving. We did, and we were all pretty thankful about our new grandson, Will.
I was also very thankful that two special Peeps chose to take an automatic route to the coveted/avoided Peep of the Week designation. If more of you were as considerate as them, this weekly selection process would flow much easier.
But there was still enough inspiration, annoyance and stupidity to fill out the remaining slots.
Bob Brown in particular tried to pull a fast one by telling me that a gift of the Prince of Scotch, Talisker, should be an automatic. I agree that Talisker is the freaking balls, but it's still not Lagavulin. I get more annoyed the more I think about it. I better announce the POTW's before I get on overload.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for Week 47 of 2007.

  • Michael "Murph" Murphy *
  • Bobby Wojcik *
  • Dale Johnson
  • Bob Brown
  • Kristen Jellison
  • Ginny Hudak
* Automatic Lagavulin Rule.
I'm still pretty upset about the Talisker caper.

Anonymous said...

I am more automatica than Gramatica! NOG NOG NOG NOG!!!

9:29 AM

Nevets Fud said...

In the PMP world, we call Mr. Brown's effort "gold-plating".

3:44 PM


Bash Rehash

The Thanksgiving Eve Bash came off flawlessly as planned. Some of the Peeps claimed it was the best time of their lives, which is pushing it a little, don't you think?
There were two automatic POTW selections due to the gift of the king of scotch, Lagavulin, to me.
That honor went to Bob Wojcik, who obviously is contrite about wrecking my marathon training, and Michael "Murph" Murphy, who has to be in the running for Peep of the Year.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bash Eve

Today is the day. The most important day in the life of a Nanepashemet Peep.
That's because the annual Nestor Thanksgiving Eve Bash has grown to have a cult-like, almost religious significance in the life of most of you.
I don't know why this is. It's like a mystery of faith.
Anyway, I hope to see as many of you as possible, and please try not to lapse into a state of frenzied hysteria. It's just a day, like any other day.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Party Planning

Going to Costco this afternoon to get provisions for the Thanksgiving Eve Bash. I vastly prefer Costco over BJ's even though I've never been to BJ's. BJ's has a stupid name.
The Food menu is shaping up thusly.

  • The Best Buffalo Wings in Civilized Society
  • White Trash Balls for the Crawford Boys
  • Mike Nestor's Renowned Clam Chowder
  • Joanne's Gasless Chili
  • Salami and Provolone Cardiac Calzone
  • Macaroni and Cheese (the staff of Life)
  • Fruit and Cheese for the Diet Conscious
  • Cucumber and Dill Breads for the less messy preference.
  • Various types of Beer and Wine
  • Seagrams and Cider
  • Lagavulin
No, we don't take requests, or variations. Don't bring your own forks... we have plenty.
If you come late, you will miss it because the food goes fast.
Then all that is left is drinking, and loud and obnoxious behavior.
I can't wait.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Getting Thankful

Even though it's Monday Night, I feel like it's Friday. Today was a breakthrough day on a very large procurement for Nanepashemet Telecom. Tons of emotional capital spent. Hopefully, it is a good investment.
There will be no clinking of champagne glasses until the fat lady sings. But she's starting to warm up. It could be a great Thanksgiving Holiday.