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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting to the Good Stuff

As much as I really like working, I could do without it.
If economic necessity wasn't in the mix, I'd be pretty busy boatbuilding, blogging, writing, fishing, touring, and maybe even working out.  But working to make a living, really puts a crimp in my lifestyle.  To the point where I hardly ever get the chance to do the other stuff.
I suppose that if I never had to hustle to make ends meet, then I wouldn't cherish the stuff that I really want to do.  Maybe it wouldn't be important.  So work might just be the glue that sets priorities straight.
Does this make sense?
So I'll continue to work and hope to make a score so that I can quit someday, and get to the good stuff.

PIsc said...
Get after Tierney and stop daydreaming. 102 days. 

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  1. Get after Tierney and stop daydreaming. 102 days.


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