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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Resolution Afterthoughts

I know that I didn't get very specific with my resolutions this year. That's because I'm finally noticing that I never turn these beginning of the year affirmations into life transforming habits. So that rather than make an about turn, I hope to suggest trends to myself that may effect positive change.
For example, I'd really like to lose about 40 lbs.. But rather than outline a Spartan regime of exercise and diet like I have in previous years .... with obvious failure .... I think that I will try to make small observations and behavioral modifications. Like noting each day in my Outlook calendar of the workout burn or lack thereof that occurred that day, and trying to cut down on my daily consumption of alcoholic beverages.
No need to drink that classic winter cocktail, Whisky and Cranberry, every night for instance. And save the Lagavulin for a special occasion.
Just to start the new year off right, I think that I will swear off any alcohol altogether until Feb.1. I'll knock back a few if the Patriots play in the Super Bowl though.... but that's not until February anyway.

1 comment:

  1. Murph2:10 PM

    I had no idea the magnitude of being POTY. I have Tuna Lips giving me his valued input and now I am getting fan mail. The following message was in my inbox this AM:

    Dear Murph,

    I would very much like to give you a half gallon of N. Nog the next time you grace Marblehead. Any chance it could be this weekend? Perhaps we could include the Nestors and the other Nestors. I believe they too are fans. Pre-Pittsburgh / Jaguars? (I'm thinking they're Sat. night, but if the game's earlier, we could do it during). Or Sunday?

    Greg could be pissed, but we will soldier on.

    A mere 36 years ago, I worked on the 25th floor of the State Street Bank Building on Franklin St. The elevator had a mirror on the ceiling.

    Thank you Fans, Thank you Nancy. Upon hearing of my POTY Nancy has invited me to star in the Movie version of "Dustings". A true honor. Thank you Nancy.

    The POTY is a bigger honor than I thought. I have my work cut out for me but it looks like I have the fan support. I shall continue my reign so that I could possibly pull off the unthinkable....a repeat in 2008. Tough challenge but I am ready. In a dissapointing move, my wife Beth was recently nominated as a POTW. I was excited to point it out to her and was ready to congratulate her when she asked the unthinkable... "Why did Jay make me a POTW?". I froze. How could she ask such a question. She is married to the Peep of the Year, perhaps the decade. Against all Peep rules. I hope this will not hurt my repeat chances.....She better make up for it with the Automatic Lagavulin rule...Perhaps that will help.....Tuna Lips may have some advice for her I hope....


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