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Friday, November 09, 2012

A New Day?

It's a New Day Peeps.
I get the feeling from my Lefty friends that they have an attitude like, "Holy Shit... we won.  Now what do we do?"
You can't say the country is racist, and you can't blame everything on Bush.  That leaves them looking in the mirror, rubbing their eyes.  Liz Warren sure seemed that way in her first press conference as our new Elected US Senator.   Can you say "Deer caught in the Headlights," Mr Rogers?
And even though the Analysts say that the Republicans are out of touch with the people, they still control the US House of Representatives.   Figure that out!
The fact is that this country chose a President by a 2% margin and the majority of states favor the Republicans.  The Liberals don't have a mandate, and they had better govern that way.
So now the Lefties are saying... "We have to compromise."... Something that was woefully deficient in the first Obama administration.
Let's say that you give Obama a pass on the first go around.... learning curve, state of the economy, on-agoing war in Iraq.... stuff like that.  Now the Dems are sitting in the seat of power with no legacy diversions.  Show us your stuff.  Don't just stand there all mumbly peg like Liz Warren with no rehearsed  sound bites to rely on. Now it is all you. 
Is it a New Day?   We'll see what they have.

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