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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Warren Deserves Respect

Scott Brown Supporters today were shown in a disgusting video, taunting Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren with tomohawk chops and war whoops.
What an insult to the Native American Indian Senate hopeful!
Oh... I forgot... Warren is not really a Cherokee.  She just claimed to be when she applied for law professorships in Ivy League Schools, like Harvard.
And when she was tenured for her teaching position, she did the moral thing by unchecking the affirmative action box.   And it didn't matter a bit that she didn't need to claim to be a minority anymore.... it was the right thing to do.
Shame on Senator Brown for not controlling his supporters with their shameful display of disgust for Professor Warren.  He should clean his act up.
Warren deserves Respect.  She's always been for the little guy... like securing a trust fund for employees that her client, the Travelers Ins. Co. was suing.  But... if she was working for the Travelers, why was she helping their opponents????    Then she represented another  big business, LTV Steel.   But I thought she was supposed to be for the little guys.
This is so confusing.  Can you say "Horrendous Liar"?  Cause that's what it seems like, doesn't it?
Hopefully some of my "Progressive" Friends can explain it for me.

But don't make fun of her Phoney Indian Heritage.  That's just not right.

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