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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Responsible or Entitled?

Politricks is just what it is.... the effort to herd people like sheep into a non-thinking mode and into the same pen.
Romney said in May Republican Rally that 47% of the people in the US do not take responsibility for their lives and seek entitlement from the government.
  Now the Dems want to make hay of that statement, but I highly doubt that either party will deny it.
Romney is simply saying to his supporters that he cannot hope to reach the 47% of Americans that want to be taken care of and seek entitlements.
Obama misses the point in his ad that merely highlighting this fact will not bring the other 53% into seeking the federal entitlements that he and the "progressives" espouse.
The difference in the approaches is psychological rather than political.  If you are self assured and secure in your abilities to provide for yourself and your family, you will vote one way.    If you feel that you are at the mercy of others, and are insecure in your capabilities, you will seek the comfort of the government and vote the other way.

In either case, you're not a bad person.... it's just your psychological makeup.

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