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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just my Opinion - Polls.

ABC News and Bloomberg have polls out that show Romney falling behind President BO.
What a shocker!  These polls seek to be the news rather than reflect the news.
Remember the Brown polls when he was running against our beloved AG, Martha Coakley?   Seems the election results showed that the polls were wrong.... big time... as Brown pounded the smug heir to the Kennedy Senate seat.
That is what I suspect is going on here.
The only reason that Conservatives have prevailed against Democrats in two of the last three Presidential elections is that Americans are not stupid.  They can't be herded into the pens that the Liberal polls seek to create.
Good Morning America is shamelessly reporting today how things are getting better in the Country and how Romney is dropping in the Polls.   You can't make this shit up.... excuse me?  ABC News makes it up all the time.

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