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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Cranston Experience

So I walk in the door this afternoon, and Mike asks "How was Cranston?".
How the hell did he think it was?
Did he think that I traveled to Rhode Island at dawn to see the famous freaking sights of Cranston????
The kid is a management consultant at a prestigious Washington DC firm, but sometimes I don't think his noggin is on straight.
What with the crazy questions and all.
The truth is that Cranston seems to be very ethnically diverse. The Dunkin Donuts where we had coffee was filled with about a dozen very vocal Asians, all speaking a dialect of Chinese at the same time. Then we grabbed a sandwich at lunch at a Lebanese delicatessen. There were a lot of elderly caucasians lingering around a veterans post that abutted our job site.
That's how Cranston was. Maybe not such a dumb question after all.

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