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Monday, March 11, 2013

Vote for the Pope

Peeps.... so many of you keep asking me who I support for the next Pope.   It's a tough call since the Pontiff enjoys a status of infallibility, unlike that of the MOAM, who admittedly makes a mistake from time to time.
As a young Catholic, I actually bought into that infallibility claim, until as a Freshman at UMASS with basically no money to buy food on the weekends, I took a course in European History and found that the Popes were rather political and given to stuff like fathering illegitimate children, murdering rivals, and a host of other rather worldly pursuits.
And while I was taking this course, learning this historical perspective, the priests at the Newman Center were regaling me at Sunday Mass for donations, when I was basically waiting for Monday morning when the Dining Commons opened.
Not a good combination for maintaining a kinship to the Catholic Church.  So I drifted away and rarely looked back.
As God's representative of Earth, the Pope doesn't pull it off for me.  Plus the medieval rituals, funny hats, ostentatious surroundings, secrecy, etc. seems a bit out of step.
I see where there are some ads on the TV, so I checked out the website and found more of the same.   If I was not going to Church, they were willing to let be come back, and forgive me.  But what about me forgiving them????
I believe in the divinity of  Christ and view myself as a Christian, although with a firm belief that this is only one path to God..... certainly not the only one and the one true way.
But I would come back to the church on these conditions.

1.  Allow women to be Priests.  Does God really restrict leadership roles to men?

2.  Allow Priests to marry.  Enough of this stupid celibacy  which was only voted on because of church property inheritance  issues in medieval times.   Plus, it would attract people to the priesthood, who didn't need to prey on little boys and girls.

3.  End this Papal Infallibility Bullshit.  Il Papa is not infallible.   He's just the guy in charge of a huge international operation, and should be recognized as such.

4. Send Cardinal Bernard Law back to Massachusetts where he should stand trial for facilitating the abuse of  hundreds of Catholic children at the hands of perverted priests in his Archdiocese.

That's all I need.   Then maybe I would drop a dollar in the collection basket every few Sundays or so.
As for the new Pope.  I kind of like Cardinal Francis Arinze  of Nigeria.  
I actually have no freaking idea who he is but the Irish bookies are taking odds on him, along with Cardinal O'Malley from Boston.   Really the only time you read about the Church in Boston these days is when they close a local parish church in complete disregard to the neighborhood communicants who have worshiped there.... so I don't know what O'Malley brings to the table.

But Seriously ....Who it is  doesn't affect me in the least, and I highly doubt that he will accept my conditions.  So I have no recommendations to the Papal Conclave at this time.

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