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Friday, March 01, 2013

Self Absorbent and Narcissistic

For the last two days it's been back and forth to New Haven County.   Lots of miles logged on the White F-150.  So I'm kind of wiped out as I write this, and have a ton of email to attend to.
But it was worth it, and the last two days may go down in Nanepashemet Telecom history as a crucial business turning point.   At least the potential is there.
Being a Mountain of a Man means that you can't get your hopes up too high, nor can you drag your ass through the doldrums.  You've got to keep that even middle ground.
Then I get back and check on Facebook and I find that one of my old classmates from Lynn English High School posted, while I was pre-occupied in Connecticut,  that this Blog is self-absorbent and narcissistic.  
Being open minded and kind hearted, I didn't take offense.   Just because someone is a Dick, that doesn't make him a bad person.    Damn... I've always admitted that this pathetic Blog is indeed pathetic, and normal adjusted people really shouldn't read it,  but those comments lingered in my mind and began to cut like a knife.  Might be time to go on a bender.
Just because this Blog is all about me, ....what I think, what I feel, and what I do...  that doesn't make it self absorbent and narcissistic.... does it?   .....I don't think so either.  Granted, with the Mountain of a Man status that I have anointed upon myself, it does appear to be a bit pretentious at times....   But the truth cannot be held back.
So many of you lack the ability to form your own opinions and live you own lives, that I have been forced to carry this formidable weight of giving you truth and direction multiple times a week.   Kind of like the way the Liberals do (I can't imagine how Barack copes.... maybe he and I can start a support group or something).   And the thousands, even dozens of hits that the Blog gets in a week is testament to the obligation I have to dribble out a little wisdom to the multitudes as much as possible.
I can't be responsible for people slitting their wrists, or jumping off cliffs just because I've cut down on the daily posts.    What do you think this is????  Sequestation or Something?????     I have to "Keep Calm and Carry On" no matter what cutting criticism is hurled in the MOAM's direction.
So Peeps.... you have to realize... it's all about ME... but only for the benefit of YOU.
Except for You,   DICK.

Doug Said....

Haters gonna hate. Personally, I enjoy reading about your bowel movements and long car rides.

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  1. Haters gonna hate. Personally, I enjoy reading about your bowel movements and long car rides.


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