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Friday, January 25, 2013

Locked and Loaded

A little while ago, I sent a cold call sales email out to a Massive Potential Client (MPC).   Actually, I was feeling a little frisky that Sunday morning and sent out emails to four MPC's.
These are the types of marketing efforts that I never expect responses from.   They are off the wall offers to provide project management services to companies that have massive projects and resources in place.   I usually do this when I'm a little peeved with the current business outlook and do something outrageous to get the adrenaline back.
But MPC Numero Uno responded... is interested.... set up a presentation meeting for the end of February.  
This gives me one month to prepare.   And this MOAM is going to that meeting Locked and Loaded.
If I told you who it was, and what I offered, you would never believe it.    But Peeps... you can never second guess yourself.   Because when you do that, your failure is a self fulfilling prophecy. 
You have to try, sometimes, be bold... even outrageous.  Then, at least you have given yourself a chance.  Not a huge chance, but a chance that I wouldn't have if I didn't send out that crazy email.
And if, against all odds, I land a game changing deal with this MPC, then I owe it all to allowing myself to go through with a crazy, impulsive action that Sunday morning.

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