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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Vomit and Voting

Won't it be nice when this election is over next Tuesday?  I am really starting to feel nauseous.
I truly feel that I've heard all of the Warren sound bites.  Don't need to see one more poor Sap say  "She's a Fighta.  She's fa us."  Where do you find these people Liz?  They don't look like they are Cherokees like you.
Even the Brown ads are starting to get under my skin.   I know you are Independent and are for the Women and stuff like that... and starting to get good and sick of hearing it.
In the end, my litmus test is "Who has treated me the most like an idiotic, mind-phucked moron who can't see through the bullshit that you are trying to stuff up my orifices."
Once I determine that, then I vote for the other guy.

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  1. My new hero is Chris Christie. He is the "Man"


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