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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sound Driving

It was a long trip to New Haven yesterday, Peeps.  Lots of driving and two quick meetings.  But it's all for a good cause... the JJ Fund.
Until my Trust Funds kick in, I'll be forced to contort myself into a human pretzel after 7+ hours of driving to Long Island Sound and back in the Ford F150 Pickup.
On the way home, I picked up Howie Carr on 680AM just south of the Massachusetts line in Sturbridge.   He was on a roll commenting about Senator John Kerry's prospect of becoming Obama's Secretary of State or Defense. 
Kerry is another Dem who has embellished his past and manages to get the Massholes to maintain him in their hope to shore up the gravy train.  I always thought he was a Vietnam war hero until Veteran's groups started to expose the falsehoods in his War Record.  
He is famous for protesting the War and throwing his medals over the White House Fence.... turns out the medals belonged to someone else.  He's the one who had the $8 million custom yacht built in New Zealand when he could have stimulated the New England Boatbuilding industry, then moors it in Rhode Island. in an effort to avoid Mass tax.
Thank God he wasn't elected President, but how could he be worse than our current situation?  I would prefer that he was removed as my Senator though and becomes a National liability in Obama's Cabinet... kind of spreading the pain.
Although, the informed Massachusetts Electorate, also known as a Democratic herd of Sheep, will probably give us another whackjob, fake Indian, Senator replacement to ladle out the gravy.  Voting out Scott Brown exposed  what a mindless mentality exists in our once proud Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Replace a competent doer with a blatant liar.
The Kerry comments on Carr's radio program powered the last two hours of a brutal commute.
Not really complaining though.  At least I have a job even though my Boss is kind of a big fat Jerk.

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