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Monday, September 03, 2012

Fitting It In

It's Labor Day.... traditional end of Summer.  Always a bittersweet holiday, as you look at the summer that slipped away and all of the stuff that you wanted to do... then life's obligations get in the way, and the summer is over.
Once again this summer, the fish and lobsters around Salem Sound received a major stay of execution, as my activities drew me away from a vigorous pursuit. 
But if the truth be known, we soon will be entering into my favorite season of this great New England region... Autumn.   It's warm enough to do a ton of stuff outside, and cool enough to be comfortable doing it.  The only problem is that business usually gets crazy as we enter the last quarter of the year, as my corporate customers contemplate the boxes that must be checked for bonuses to be awarded.
Someday, after I make a business score, I will retire.   Then fish will die, boats will be built, books will be written, banjos will be played, and grandkids will get spoiled. 
Until then, I just have to fit this stuff in.

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