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Friday, September 14, 2012

Computer Time Warp

Yesterday, around 4:00PM, I came to the conclusion that the multitude of spread sheets that I have been using to track work for our largest customer were not going to cut it anymore.
Too many cells to cover, too much cutting and pasting, and overall, a chore to quickly tie into the specific information that we seem to need on a moment's notice.
Lucky for me that I'm a Mountain of a Man who happens to come equipped with an abundance of database programming ability dating back to the old dBase II days.
So I dusted off my copy of Microsoft Access 2007, cranked it into the CD drive and within an hour, I was deeply into the programming mode.  So deeply in fact, that when I came up for air and checked the clock, it was 12:05AM.
I am not shitting you... I had one of those time warps as I wrestled to get all of my project records organized slickly in an my Access database.  Not elegant by any means, but the time warp paid off.

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