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Friday, August 31, 2012


Amazing how it got to be Friday so fast.  New Haven trips always screw up my week, and this trip ended with some beers at the Indigo Bar with the other Mountain of a Man, Bobby Brown..... A huge highlight of the frantic week.
I also took my biggest customer and his family out for some quality time on the WhaleEye, and the fantastic sights of Marblehead and Manchester Harbors didn't dissapoint.
Plus I stayed up late to watch the Republicans rally at their convention.  It's too bad that politics brings out the worst in people.... especially those who start off with a rather low base of credibility to begin with.  I'm still amazed about the amount of spin that the national broadcast networks put on the output, rather than let us idiots figure it out for ourselves.
Anyway... it's a long weekend, and time to recharge some batteries.

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