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Friday, May 11, 2012

Mitt the Bully

Now they're saying that Mitt Romney was involved in a bullying episode against a gay kid while he was in high school.
Romney says he doesn't recall, but that he did a lot of stupid stuff in high school and he's sorry if he offended anyone.
We'll see where this leads.  Wonder what nasty things will come out about BO growing up as a young Muslim lad in Indonesia?
I'd hate to be blamed for the stupid stuff I said and did in High School.
The Spindoctors have hit on a nice combo here though... bullying and gay bashing.  I don't agree with bashing gays, but I've seen a lot of times when Scumbag Girly men whine "Bully" because they are legitimately getting their clocks cleaned with some nice Payback.   It's OK for them to screw with people, but when it comes back their way, they are being "Bullied".  
Don't let the tears stain your Bib.

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