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Thursday, May 03, 2012

An Honest Answer from Edwards and Warren

You're probably getting a bit bored with my Elizabeth Warren "Native American" obsession.
I know I am.
But just once, I'd like one of these politicians to come clean.
Like John Kerry's running mate, Jon Edwards knocking up that campaign bimbo.  
More denial than the river in Egypt.
Jon... why couldn't you just have said something like.... "Yeah, I had sex with her.... mindless, crazy, who-gives-a- crap monkey sex... and now I'm paying the price of my ailing wife kicking my ass... and I really freaking deserve it.   Plus I knocked up the Bitch and will never live it down, so that's the end of trying to be Kerry's Veep."  
Seems to me, he could have taken the hit, got it over with, and be well into a nice career doing real estate passings or lawyer ambulance chasing down in the Carolinas by now.   Instead..... he freaking lies, his wife dies of cancer, he looks like the scumbag of the Western Hemisphere and most likely will be doing time in Federal Prison.  And the monkey sex???  Be more like gorilla sex doggy style for him in his new digs.
And for that matter... back to the Posing Pocahontas Warren....
When the erudite Law Professor got caught with her little Red hand  in the Affirmative Action cookie jar, why couldn't she just have said something like... "Yeah  I signed up as an Indian... and why the hell not??? I'm not that freaking smart compared to all of those chauvinistic male law professors and needed all the boost  I could get.  Plus, I never thought I would run for the US Senate and get caught with a little "Red Lie".  But you can't prove I'm not a Cherokee.  You freaking whites destroyed all the birth certificates."
Course that response would be outrageous, but at least it's believable, and probably the truth.  I'd still refuse to give her my vote, but at least I wouldn't be so insulted by her bullshit current answer of trying to find others out there who are 1/32 Native American that she could have lunch with..

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