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Sunday, November 06, 2011

POTW Week 44

We had one of those time warp dinner parties at Dave and Debby Clarke's beautifully detailed home last Friday night.  The evening just flew by.

After a wonderful dinner of roast lamb and some nice conversation, we noticed that they were starting to fall asleep right in the middle of some of our favorite stories.  But when we checked the time it was 12:20AM so it's a 50% chance that it was fatique rather than boredom that was causing the sleeping onset.

Although as I recall, Joanne was telling a rather boring tale.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 44th week of 2011.

Nathaniel Clarke
Ethan Nestor
Tommy O' Shea`
Dale Johnson
Peter Crawford
Emily Angardia

Next time, I'll do most of the talking.

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