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Friday, November 18, 2011

Leg Up on Lagavulin

I walked up to Beacon Hill Liquors tonight, which is only 300 yards or so from my house, and bought a bottle of Lagavulin 16 Year Single Malt Scotch for myself.   My last bottle is stored on the WhaleEye and I didn't get to it in time before the boat was shrinkwrapped for the winter.   Probably reason enough to slit the shrinkwrap and retrieve it, but I resisted that urge.
Joanne was surprized that I bought my own bottle since the night before Thanksgiving Bash is next week, and that's always been occasion for some of you exceptionally classy Peeps to be nominated as an Automatic Peep of the Week for bringing me a bottle of the King of Scotch.
But I didn't want to take that for granted.
Anyway....Peter Brown, owner of Beacon Hill Liquors, knows that I'll end up buying a decent supply of the Lagavulin that he stocks, and graciously cut the price by $5 bucks.
So I poneyed up $65 bucks for my own bottle.
Those of you who have been to Bashes of the past know that the Lagavulin starts to flow like wine as the event gathers steam and momentum.   This bottle can't last long... especially if I crack it tonight.

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