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Friday, November 25, 2011

Dysfunctional Family

I heard a comment made the other day about dysfunctional families.  Something about how she didn't know any family that wasn't dysfunctional in some way.
Peeps... I don't want to go all spiritual and metaphysical on you.... but I am 99.99% positive that we are not placed in this peculiar DNA arrangement on an isolated spinning planet to be "functional".  This existance is a challenge issued by the omnipotent Universal Force (aka God) to experience particular circumstances in the Earth medium. 
We don't experience the challenges by being "functional".
The "dysfunctional" part is the one thing that makes sense of it all.
So embrace your own version of "dysfunctional".   Everybody has it and yours is here for your own unique God given reasons for you to work on.   And above all, never be embarassed about your Dysfunctional Family.  Anybody who looks down on you are just trying to deny how phucked up that they, themselves, really are.
And BTW... if this doesn't fit into the constraints of traditional Christian, Jewish, Muslm, etc. faith... take a look at it.  Change the names to fit the boxes that you believe in, and you might end up agreeing with me.

Tuna Lips said...

That there is some deep shit yer shov'lin.

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  1. Tuna Lips10:40 PM

    That there is some deep shit yer shov'lin.


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