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Friday, October 21, 2011

Racist and Disgusting

I like Chris Rock, the comedian.
He grew up in Brooklyn's notoriously tough Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, and his humor has a strong profane edge.
But what I really like about him is that his comedy is brutally honest and not politically correct.
He decries people who call themselves liberal or conservative and says that every situation should be looked at on its own merits.  Highly refreshing.
I've been thinking of Rock because it would be interesting to hear his commentary regarding the racist comments emanating from liberals regarding the Black Republican candidate, Herman Cain.
It could be argued that Cain, an Atlanta resident who matriculated at Morehouse College, has a much more genuine Black heritage than Obama, who was brought up in Indonesia and Hawaii by his white mother and white grandmother. 
Why do these liberal commentators insist on putting up terms like "minstrel" or "plantation" when they write about Cain?  It is racist and disgusting to conjure up these images just because you don't agree with the message that Cain is speaking.

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