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Friday, October 21, 2011

Libyan Lesson

I was thinking about that Dictator post and wondering why those guys like Gaddafi always seem to come to naught.
Then it dawned on me that everybody has to have both supporters and detractors, because people see things differently and have experiences that cause them to see different conclusions from the same "reality".
It may surprize you to know, but even a Mountain of a Man like myself has those who don't like him.
Granted, these people are generally twisted, moronic types who don't have a clue, but nonetheless .... they legitimately view me as an enemy.
If I were a dictator, I would most certainly repress these evil low lifes.  And in turn, those misguided friends of the morons would form an underlying opposition to my enlighteded regime, which would culminate in one or more of them tracking me down like a Bengal Tiger in Ohio on some ill-fated future date.
So that's undoubtably how my dictatorship would end as well.
Our system of shared power and checks and balances diffuses the repressions that utimately topple dictatorships.  I won't be traveling to Libya soon.,

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