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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fox Network Pitch

Amanda Johnson is in from California with her signicant other Tomas, who is a network executive at Fox.  Her brother, POTY Jeremy is also here with wife, Julie.
Joanne and I will be bringing the grandkids by to see them later today.
I was thinking of combining business with pleasure when I meet Tomas, because it will be a great time to pitch a new Fox mini series, detailing the adventures of a certain Mountain of a Man and his sidekick, Buck.
George Clooney would be great casting for the MOAM, and Brad Pitt could probably play an acceptable Buck.  I really don't care about the story line as long as it contains a decent amount of gratuitous sex scenes.
Generally the plot will center around two wicked good looking Marblehead guys who build their respective small businesses into industrial powerhouses, yet never forget all of the insignificant little people that they step on in their quest for wealth and power.   There will be a lot of "women want them, fish fear them" subplots, but they never stray from their trophy wives, Roanne and Vail.
Through it all, a vast right wing conspiracy known as the Nanepashemet Peep Society, pulls all of the strings in leading the world to a new enduring state of justice and enlightenment.
It's basically a reality series and should be an easy sell to Tomas.

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