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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another Down Day

Still no big national new events today.  Something screwed up has to happen soon to break through this news drought.  Channel 5 has a story about Roslindale High going Number 1 in the state on some academic competition.  And some punks spraypainted some swastikas in Concord, NH.  At least there is a chance of snow in the weather report.
Brendt D'Orio said that he checks out Boston Barstool Sports and the Nanepashemet Blog every morning. That explains why Brendt is so well versed.  I generally don't look at Barstool, because of the strong sexual content.   At my age, you can't afford to get too excited every morning.  That can get even more aggravating than watching George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America.
Once again, I've offered up a post utterly devoid of substantive content. 
I could write about whether Michael Jackson's Doctor should do some time for putting the King of Pop out with heavy anesthesia every night to cure his insomnia.  But nobody really gives a shit about that.  The King's time had come and gone, and he was way too weird.
I could offer a rant about the Occupy Wall Street losers who are protesting their lack of jobs and wealth.  Who would hire these knee jerk misfits anyway?  I could care less where they pitch their pup tents.
I could discuss the First Lady, Michelle Obama's propensity for expensive vacations on the public doll to give her daughters a break from life in the White House.  And how she brought her mother to Africa because she had never been there before.   And how she doesn't want her kids to watch the Kardashian's which the Kardashian's immediately seized upon for whatever marketing  and self promoion that it was worth.
But things are so dull that even the crass, inappropriateness of our Nation's First Lady doensn't get a rise here.
There's the story of Bernie Madoff and his "out to lunch" wife trying to commit suicide by downing a handful of pills, then waking up in the morning anyway.  They must have had strong stomach linings to go along with their utter lack of conscience.
Just nothing out there  is inspiring/annoying enough to get a close inspection on the Nanepashemet Blog today.  Maybe you should check out Boston Barstool Sports and see if anything better is going on there.

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