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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Selling with Whales

The WhaleEye performed well yesterday as we took an important prospective client on a boat trip out to Stellwagen, then around Cape Ann and up the Annisquam tidal river..
The weather and waves came through, but for the first time, Stellwagen came up short.   No whales or any other fish for that matter. I've never been skunked at the Stellwagen National Wildlife Sanctuary before, so that was kind of a shocker.

 If the day wasn't so spectacular, Stellwagen would have been a disappointment, but it was just so nice to be out on the water.  I think our potential customer enjoyed the effort.
Today we present to another prospect at the UMass Club in downtown Boston.  There are no whales anticipated there, but the stakes are just as high.

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