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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Thinking of Pre and Jaz

It's so sad that Steve Prefontaine was cut down in his prime.
He was inspirational in the way that he gave his all.
Who knows what he would have accomplished if he didn't die so tragically in that car crash? He'd probably be a Nike executive, but I'm sure that he would have pushed the running envelope.
After all these years, and even though he's dead, he still provides motivation.
When I was at UMASS, there was a kid a year ahead of me on the track team that reminded me of Pre.... Tom Jasmine. He was a little reckless and seemed to push the limit.
I remember running with him on snowpacked snowmobile tracks in the wooded Berkshire Hills. Jaz was a lot better than I was, and he was way ahead of me on the trail, but waited for me to catch up with him at key turns, so that I didn't get stuck out there lost and alone.
He used to call me "kid" which seemed funny since he was only a year older than I was.
Jasmine and his girlfriend died in a car crash too. A tractor trailer slammed into them out in the Berkshires at the end of his Sophomore year.
I think about Pre and Jaz every once in awhile.

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