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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Take Care

That brutal home invasion crime in Cheshire, Ct. reminds us that we still have to live defensively. Our ancestors were wary constantly of the threat of wild beasts or vandal attacks. In our "civilized" society, we have let our guard down.
Be careful.

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  1. Mr. Green Jeans12:11 PM

    I thought I had killed the clematis my mother in law gave us to plant this spring. Its a sprawling plant that needs something to climb up, like a morning glory or ivy. It bummed me out, I wont go into the detail, but I failed to really investigate before I planted it, how to plant it.

    But I tried to fix it. I read some background, I transplanted it, watered it, scored some chicken droppings from the local dealer to fertilize it, bacically gave it a shot. That was a month ago.

    Its now crawling up the railing of my front porch, with white flowers and bright green leaves shaped like spearmint.

    It ain't over til its over.

    Lock your doors when you are home, during the day and night.


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