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Saturday, January 03, 2015

209 to go

Two Hundred Nine days to go.

It's been three days since I threw down the gauntlet and told you Peeps that I was sick of being called "Big Guy".... which is always a euphemism for "Fat Shit".

Since that time, I have hit the Cybex Stationary Cycle for two 45 min. sessions and started a routine of push ups and wheel ab stretches..... as in .... it is nearly impossible for me to do a couple at this time.... but that will change.  The next Cybex workout will be in an hour or so.

More importantly, I have resolved to get an aerobic workout in six times a weeks, and a weight workout in two times a week.... and stop eating crap.

This prescription comes from a book that I read this morning,  "Younger Next Year" by Chris Crowley and Dr. Henry S. Lodge, published by Workman Publishing in 2007.  Christos Laganos told me that this was one of the books that changed his life and I can easily recognize how Chris has benefited by comparing points made in the book with the way he and his wife, Yolanda, live their life.

The book gives a scientific basis for why exercise is crucial in modern lifestyles and mandates in non-negotiable terms that daily vigorous aerobic exercise is essential to a a healthy life.... and that you have to treat working out in the same manner as if it were your job.

In analyzing how to meet this resolution, it became clear that it will not happen by simply saying to myself to get up and exercise every morning.   I had to go back to a time when vigorous exercise was a way of life.... when I was in school and on the track team.  Back then, every workout started between two-thirty and three o'clock in the afternoon.   So I marked off two hours everyday on my Google calendar between two-thirty and four-thirty.

Since my job gives me a lot of flexibility, I have carefully calculated how this routine can be accomplished while still meeting all of the obligations of Nanepashemet Telecom.  Basically, most business happens in the morning, processing mid-morning to early afternoon.  Not much happens after lunch, but a lot of people like to tie things up late in the afternoon before the business day is over.  

So the 2:30 time slot is probably the best chance for exercise success.

My hope and belief is that I can keep up this routine for the next 209 days.... and that about sixty seven lbs. of me will have disappeared by that time

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