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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Juice Fast

Waiting for the snow to stop this morning, then I'll get out and shovel.... probably sometime around noon.   I've lost hope that the snowblower will start.  Will still give it a try though.
In the meantime, I've started my three day juice fast, along the lines of the Blue Print Cleanse system.  Mike, Kate, and Brady did this recently and had very satisfying results involving weight loss and an overall healthy feeling.  I don't know if I buy into all of the hype about the toxins exiting your body, called cleansing,  but three days of substituting liquid nutrients for the solid comfort foods that I regularly consume has to have some benefits and certainly can't hurt.
When I went to  Whole Foods yesterday, one of the prescribed juices in the six juice a day system was missing, and one was short for two days, but I think I can substitute them using the recipes in this website.
BTW, the demographics in Whole Foods is literally the other side of the world from Market Basket, but this is a whole other post.

So this morning, I got up and weighed myself (OMG ), voided and had two cups of Green Tea with my daily meds. The fast allows Green Tea, but no coffee or other food of any kind.   My expectation and hope is that I will drop 10 lbs. and start the basis for a different outlook toward food through this regime.   At about 9:30 AM, I plan to drink the first juice of the day... the dreaded Green Juice. 

Update Saturday, Day 1  -  2:00PM 

At 11:00AM I had the Apple Pineapple Mint juice and just finished the second bottle of Green Juice at 1:45PM.  No BM's out of the ordinary, but I now have a dull headache which I attribute to caffeine withdrawal so I just brewed a cup of Green Tea.
The three juices left are the lemon based, beet based and cashew milk. 

The snow hasn't let up and I have been monitoring the weather radar closely.   Seems that this storm has camped on the Massachusetts coast  I had hoped that we'd see some blue sky by now, but no such luck.   In the late morning, I started moving some of the snow, but is not exactly light and fluffy, but compact and heavy.  Digging out will be an ordeal if I can't rev up that snowblower.

Update Saturday Day 1  -  4:45PM

The light weight, Toro "electric shovel" worked but the Ariens snowblower didn't so it was a lot of hand shoveling for 2 1/2 hours.  When I came in at 4:45PM I had the lemon based juice.  The dull headache is gone but I really feel spaced out.  I took off my shoveling clothes and weighed myself - lost 1.6 lbs..  Two juices left today - the beet and the cashew milk.  Plenty of shoveling left for tomorrow.

Update Sunday,  Day 2  - 7:00AM

Last night,  after the beet juce, I had a BM with lots of red.  Would have been scary if I wasn't forwarned by something I read on a website.   Drank the cashew milk then went to bed. 
When I woke up this morning, I voided then weighed myself... lost 4.9lbs. total.   I have no craving for food and actually feel full but a little fuzzy headed.  Had a cup of Green Tea with my meds and I'm happy that  the downsized caffeine from my usual three cups of Starbucks a day is not causing a brutal withdrawal headache, which I have experienced in the past.
Since they ran out of cashew milk when I was buying my supply at Whole Foods, I bought some raw cashews and am soaking them for blending at the evening juce drink.  After a couple hours shoveling to get the F150 out on the street, I have to get to Whole Foods to buy some more Green Juice.  That should be by noon or so.

Update Monday, Day 3 -  6:30 AM

After four hours of shoveling and then driving back to Whole Foods to get the Green Juice, I felt like hell... tired, sore, headache, fuzzy.  Then, resting on the couch and watching Sunday, no football Chick Flicks with Joanne, I had a series of bathroom sessions that you probably don't want to read about.  Nothing solid.
Surprisingly, I didn't crave food.  At the Whole foods,  Instinctively, I went over to the nice looking lady offering samples at front door, then turned away when I realized that I was going to take a sample. Bought some Agave syrup for the cashew milk there too and checked to see if they had any of the Blue Print Cleanse, but they were still out of bottles.
The cashew mike that I made in the blender turned out fine, but I'm not giving you the recipe here, It's on the webpage above.  What do you think this is???? A Freaking Cookbook?
Joanne thinks this regime has made me crabby.
This morning, after a sound sleep, I got up, voided, and found that I had lost 7.9 lbs. total.   Still feel fuzzy headed and intestinally challenged, but again, not interested in food.  At this point, there is no chance of cheating and eating solid food, and I think that a total 10 lb loss is very possible by tomorrow morning.

Update Monday, Day 3 - 5:45 PM

No headache anymore, in fact I feel really good.   I should be craving food but I don't seem to.  Joanne made herself a dinner of roasted chicken wings, peas and perogi and my dinner is the Beet Juice, but I'm still OK.  Weird.

Not sure of my weight loss, but I do the official weigh in tomorrow morning.  My jeans definitely seem a bit looser.   One more Cashew Milk to go before I go to sleep tonight.

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