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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Letter from St. MOAM to the Corinthians

I was hoping to ease off of the Weight Loss Epistles, but with so many of you hounding the crap out of me by constantly asking about the current status, I guess I have the pathetic obligation to report.  Now I know what the Apostles must have felt like with all of their gospel letters and stuff.
Anyway... I'm Down 20.7 lbs.
That's alot for two weeks, but remember I got a huge jump start with the three day juice fast at the beginning.   My calorie counting program calls for a loss of 2 lbs. per week if I keep to my daily net calorie budget, but I have been significantly under it by adding an hour on the pain machines daily, so have been averaging about 4lbs. loss per week.
Adding the exercise means that I can eat pretty much whatever I want as long as I account for the calories and portion control.   But when you honestly ask yourself when you are reaching for a cookie if you are really hungry, more often than not, the answer is "No".
So then you have a choice to make... the joy of the cookie, or the satisfaction of seeing the weight loss at tomorrow's morning weigh in.   The honest truth for myself is that I have felt no real hunger at all during this regime.  And the exercise has almost eliminated the pain in my legs and knees that I had previously conceded as attributable to aging.
You might have noticed by now that I haven't disclosed to you my starting weight or my final weight loss goal... because it's none of your damn business.... but suffice it to say that the 20 lb loss is just a start and the goal is quite a few more lbs. down the road.
Although, I'm wicked optimistic about making my target number before the warm weather comes back if the current trends hold.
A good test for me will be tonight when Dale and Gail Johnson drop by for dinner.   If Dale doesn't call me "Big Guy" in the first five minutes or so, it will be a clear sign that this weight loss gig is working.

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