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Monday, August 13, 2012

Willing to Help

Paul Ryan, the Congressman from Wisconsin, who authored the Republican House of Representatives proposed budget is Mitt Romney's choice for Vice President.  So far, he comes off as a well spoken, reasonable legislator.  
Immediately, I saw an ad on Facebook displaying him in a stressed face and claiming that he will eliminate Medicaid.  And George Stephandemocratatopofus in ABC News has been brimming in consternation with the choice..... so I think that it is a good one.
Obama has been spreading the word that "trickle down" ecomomic policy has hurt the country and that he wants to help the "middle class".   But I'm having a hell of a time trying to figure out how the billions that were squandered in the stimulus spending package with no effect on the joblessness problem validates his approach.
Naturally, I have the solution on how to create jobs, and those of you Peeps who faithfully follow this Blog also have the insight.
But I'm getting tired of being a voice in the wilderness.
If the candidates want to know how to cure this mess, they'll just have to ask me.   And my consulting rate is a bit on the high side.
And while we're talking politics... nobody asked me but.... even if Elizabeth Warren didn't lie through her teeth about being an American Indian, I'd still be against her and for Scott Brown based upon their ads.    Warren treats us like idiots... talking down to us and stressing her simplistic points as if we really don't understand otherwise.   Brown just comes off like a regular person.
That's just my opinion.... also known as the Facts, Truth, and God's Will.

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