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Friday, May 18, 2012

Sweet Charity

Nobody likes to be lied to.
It always brings on an aggressive reaction from those on the receiving end.
But when you start to see that the liar really believes the lie, and there is a persistent pattern of denial and misstatement, on many levels of background, history and normal facts,  it becomes apparent that there might be some sort of mental impairment.
Anger then turns to sympathy.

That changes everything. You get pissed at an Asshole, but you feel pity for the Mentally Deranged.

In their condition, they are just poor losers trying to cope.  They place the source of their bad fortune on everybody else by lying to themselves.  When they get fired, it's the Bosses fault.  When they lose their house, it's the Banker's fault.   When their kids act like spoiled jerks, it's the Teacher's fault.  They project all of their shortcomings on to others. Maybe they're not trying to screw people all the time.  Maybe they just can't help it.
They don't have the mental ability to realize that they are the cause of their own problems.   They don't take responsibility for their own lives.   They continually lie to themselves and others.

Some might be content to call them Assholes, but there has to be a deeper mental disturbance going on here.  And the pattern goes on and on.
Thank God for Charity.  But then again, they lie in order to get it.... about their job, income, etc.  And the pattern is perpetuated.  Unfortunately, the legal system doesn't have a way to manage these types, and sooner or later, their lies buy them time in the joint.

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