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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Apprehension and Twisters

I'm patiently waiting this evening for a line of thunder storms for roll through.  Need the rain for some grass seed that I planted in the front lawn.  But the weatherman also talked about some tornado warnings and I have a strong new found respect for the fury of a tornado after witnessing the path one tore through in Western Mass last summer.  A hundred yard wide path of mangled trees and damaged buildings, cutting a long swarth through the landscape and hopping over Route 84.
I certainly don't expect a tornado, but I'm still shocked by the devastation that these storms can create.  Imagine the force that can snap mature tree trunks in half.... like a massive karate chop.   That's the power we are talking about.
Hopefully, the country will dodge  these storms a little better than last year, when tornado alley in the MidWest was hit time and time again.
As you know, a Mountain of a Man like me doesn't scare easily.   And I'm not exactly scared of a freaking Tornado either.... but remain mildly apprehensive.

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