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Monday, April 23, 2012

Crucial Career Tool


Having a hard time seeing the screen this evening because I've been squinting at spreadsheet cells all day.  But it was for a good cause and a worthwhile investment of the day.
My career advice to you is to learn Microsoft Excel  Use it as much as possible and become as much of an expert as you possibly can.
I was an early adopter of spreadsheet software... Visicalc, Supercalc, Lotus123, and finally Excel which has emerged as the time tested standard.
Capturing my business and activity in an Excel spreadsheet has saved my ass and enhanced my career more times than I can count.   It's one thing to think you know the status and trend of your endeavors, but when you have it in hard numbers, you can send the pretenders, phonies and detractors back into their corporate-speak bunny holes and move your stuff forward.
These days, knowing your way around Excel is the only way to carve up the mountain of data that major corporations throw at you just to produce a freaking invoice.
A crucial business skillset.

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