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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

Live your life, Dream your dream.
Everyday that you are able to wake up, you are able to think, plan and act.
For us, it's not three strikes and you're out.  As long as we can pick up the bat, we have unlimited opportunities to hit one out of the park.
So get in the batter's box every day and take your swings.
Look at your daily obstacles and problems as lessons to learn.  Turn them into daily building blocks.  Search out the good in every situation.  Even though I've known this to be true, Ryan, over in FreshAyer has powered this point home for me.

And don't expect God and the Universe to be on the same plane as you all of the time.  If God answered all of our prayers, Tim Tebow would win every game.  God has a much larger perspective than we do.  Trust that the problems that she throws your way are there to help you, however irrational or unfair that they may seem.
One day, as you are taking your swings, you will notice that the dream that you had previously formulated has manifested itself all around you.
May that day happen to you this year.    Happy New Year.

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