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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pulling Teeth

A few weeks ago, I broke a crown in my lower left molar.   Not a big deal and I finally got to the dentist this morning.  One look in my mouth, and he uttered a large "WHOA!"
Peeps... although you may know me as a Mountain of a Man, even guys like me can get a little unnerved when your dentist gasps at the first glance at your choppers.
His prognosis????  Make an appointment with an oral surgeon and get your infected wisdom tooth extracted right away.... today if possible.  A call to the surgeon revealed that today wouldn't work, it would have to be tomorrow.
Don't these guys know that the Bash is tomorrow???? Maybe the the most hallowed calendar event of the year for Nanepashemet Peeps of all persuasions?  There are things in life that are a bit more important than a freaking impacted wisdom tooth.   Who will fry the wings?  Who will make dough for the White Trash Balls?  I have to believe that yanking a tooth in the morning shouldn't impede these more important responsibilities.
Once again.... I have to thank the Good Lord for blessing me with my superior Mountain of a Man abilities.  Go ahead and yank the tooth... and you might as well throw in a colonoscopy while you're at it.    It will take more than that to derail the 2011 Night Before Thanksgiving Bash.

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