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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Changing the Odds

The Betting Line is New York Giants (+9) over NEW ENGLAND for today's NFL Football game in Foxboro this afternoon.
But what the oddsmakers fail to consider is that the Mountain of a Man will personally be in attendance, accompanied by Peep of the Year Tommy O'Shea and his brothers, Jimmy and Bobby.
With our personal exhortations emanating from the seats, a betting man would have to ascertain that the odds have shifted to the Patriots side.  In fact, my prediction is NEW ENGLAND (+10) over the New York Giants.... a nineteen point swing.
We'll see who has the better insight...  the snazzy Las Vegas oddsmakers or your very own MOAM.
Tommy says the tailgate menu consists of clam chowder, Coors Light and lobster risotto.  I don't want to lube up too much, or Tom Brady might not recognize my playcalling and encouragement from the stands.

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