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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sprint for the Apple

Apple is releasing the iPhone 5 this week and Sprint is planning to offer it with an unlimited data plan.
I'll be trading in my Blackberry soon.  The Apple technology is so advanced and the selection of useful applications is so vast, that you really can't say that you are utilizing cutting edge technology unless you have one.
The ease of use and the intuitive nature of the device bringing personal communication together with a comprehensive library of applications that cover personal interests and business data, has leveled the playing field, where the world's knowledge fits neatly in our pockets and not just in libraries or corporate boardrooms.
Apple is an amazing company that has led the way in making the information revolution accessible to all of us.   Watch what happens to Sprint stock with the addition of the iPhone 5....   especially in light of this Nanepashemet Blog endorsement.

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